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» Smurf Forum » "The Smurfiest Love of All" - My Smurf Fanfic
Author Topic: "The Smurfiest Love of All" - My Smurf Fanfic
Rocker Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 11-07-2011 04:38 PM      Profile for Rocker Smurf  Rocker Smurf's Figurine Checklist      Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Well since several others are sharing their fanfics here I thought I might as well share mine too. Set in canon with the cartoon (with no connection to the movie), my story sees one of the smurfiest couples, yep, you guessed it - Handy and Marina, reunited, and engaged. The smurfs are thrilled, but as usual, Gargamel is up to something, and the Pepper Pirates are returning in this story as well. This time the two of them are teaming up and going in search of a special, rare kind of gold that shines through murky waters. As such, they pollute the oceans in search of this gold, but the pollution is putting all the sea creatures, including Marina's father and friends, in danger, so the smurfs must set sail to put a stop to their plans.

I have no idea when the story is going to be complete, I try to add a bit more to the script whenever I can (I'm a little different when it comes to writing, I like to write in movie-script form as apposed to the story format that most others seem to choose). But I'm incredibly busy with my last year of uni at the moment, but I am hoping to have it complete and uploaded sometime next year. In the meantime, I made a video preview of the story using clips from series episodes.

Smurf yourself a smile and have a smurfy day!

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Tabby Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 11-07-2011 08:12 PM      Profile for Tabby Smurf       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
it was wondersmurf but yet i hate it. not literly, i just hate the fact that its handy amd merina are in love.Cause u know, Handys the love of my life, i honestly dont agree with the love of handy and merina. she would be better off with Marco cause he is always at sea. Hope u understand that it sounds very smurfy but i just hate the fact handy and merina are in love sickens me. [Big Grin]

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Icon 1 posted on the 12th of Smurf 12:25 PM      Profile for Advertising Smurf       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Buy a Smurf DVD!

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Icon 1 posted 11-07-2011 08:22 PM      Profile for Smurfy1For2       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
very Smurfy Rocker Smurf!!

u wished u rocked as i

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Tabby Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 11-07-2011 09:28 PM      Profile for Tabby Smurf       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
i just smurfed the video again and i cried, now im also depressed [Frown]
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Icon 1 posted 11-08-2011 10:07 AM      Profile for SmurfFan82874   Author's Homepage  SmurfFan82874's Figurine Checklist      Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
I like the premise and think you did an excellent job on your trailer. I look forward to seeing it. [Smile]

Have a smurfy day!


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Tabby Smurf
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Icon 7 posted 11-08-2011 11:31 AM      Profile for Tabby Smurf       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Definetly smurfy but its so suspenseful i want to c it even if i dont agree with the the whole "Handy and Marina" bit. So anyway Smurfy job!! For the most part i loved it
Posts: 619 | From: Handy Smurf/ MrsHandySmurf mushroom, Smurf Village | Registered: Jul 2011
Rocker Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 11-08-2011 11:45 AM      Profile for Rocker Smurf  Rocker Smurf's Figurine Checklist      Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Thanks everyone! MrsHandySmurf, I did wonder what your reaction would be, I know Handy is the love of your life, and I understand and respect your thoughts, as hopefully you understand and respect mine. The truth is I am one of the biggest Handy and Marina fans out there, I support them as a couple 100% and always will.

Smurf yourself a smile and have a smurfy day!

Posts: 217 | From: Smurfy old England | Registered: Apr 2010
Tabby Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 11-08-2011 12:08 PM      Profile for Tabby Smurf       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
thanks 4 understanding!!! i just hoped the u wouldnt be mad at me 4 what i said!! and i do respect u thoughts. so good luck with your fanfic [Big Grin] i have my own to!!! cheack the convos for my smurf fanfic [Big Grin]

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Tabby Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 11-08-2011 12:20 PM      Profile for Tabby Smurf       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
I still cant stop crying when i watch it!!! I dont want to see handy or marina get hurt!! Cause Marina is a very nice mermaid!!!And i love handy so its still sad to me. But dont let me bother u with this constant babbling

Swag is for Boys, Class is for Ninja!!!

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Icon 1 posted 11-08-2011 01:20 PM      Profile for aprilsmurfling   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
wow, that video is so good [Enamored Smurf]

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Icon 1 posted 11-08-2011 01:37 PM      Profile for Raven Child   Author's Homepage   Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Smurfy video, Rocker Smurf! [Big Grin]

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Icon 1 posted 11-08-2011 06:47 PM      Profile for swarlock   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Beautiful video.

Every day in every way I am smurfy!

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Icon 1 posted 11-09-2011 05:23 PM      Profile for Tabby Smurf       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
My mom thinks you did a very smurfy job on you fanfic!!!

Swag is for Boys, Class is for Ninja!!!

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Icon 1 posted 11-10-2011 09:12 AM      Profile for Amy Sue Smurfette   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
very beautifully done Rocker Smurf ;-)

we're all someone's little fangirl.

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Icon 1 posted 11-10-2011 11:26 AM      Profile for Rowena   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
That video preview was a smurftastic work of editing! Is it wrong that I could identify the episodes the clips came from as I was watching it...? LOL!

"It is easy to pretend we are strong. It is much harder to admit we are weak. A true friend, by loving every part of us, teaches us to love our weaknesses."
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Icon 1 posted 10-15-2013 12:25 PM      Profile for Rocker Smurf  Rocker Smurf's Figurine Checklist      Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
First time in about two years that I've updated this thread, but Part 1 on my fic is here! Later parts will hopefully be uploaded on a weekly basis, but this is not guaranteed. I am still working on it, and could always encounter writer's block when doing so. Additionally, following recent anxiety attacks, I will soon be taking cognitive behavioural therapy soon, so that could take up a fair amount of my time as well. The reason why I have started uploading it though is because I wanted to start getting my story out there after working on it for so long. And since October 15th 1983 is the date when "Handy's Sweetheart" premiered in the US, I decided to use the day of its 30th anniversary to begin uploading the fic.

This story is set after Season 9 and as such is connected to the series and bears no relation to the two movies with Neil Patrick Harris, so you won't find the likes of Gutsy or Vexy and Hackus here. I know that some longtime Smurfs fans will probably know the story of Handy and Marina so far quite well, so may not appreciate the introductory flashbacks to previous events from their three episodes. But as I imagine this being like a movie, I had to imagine how one might feel if they were watching it not knowing or remembering these two characters or their history, same for those who may only know of the Smurfs through the movies and not through the cartoon, so recaps would be beneficial to them. Anyway, with that all said, here is Part 1:



(It begins with a panning shot of the forest. This moves into various shots of the smurf village, and the smurfs hard at work either inside or outside their houses.)
Handy: (narrating) Smurf village. Friendly… peaceful…
(Harmony Smurf is seen playing his trumpet loudly and out of tune here, to the annoyance of some others who clap their hands over their ears.)
Handy: (narrating) …mostly. And hidden away from untrustworthy faces…
(The shot then fades to a scene where Gargamel, Azrael and Scruple are chasing some smurfs through the forest.)
Handy: (narrating) …like them. Gargamel, Azrael and Scruple, our worst enemies.
Gargamel: I’ll get you! I’ll have every last one of you smurfs boiling in my stew pot!
(As Gargamel cackles, the smurfs run into a pair of oak trees on either side of the path they run on. Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael stop in front of the trees after seeing the smurfs take shelter in them.)
Gargamel: We have them trapped! You take that tree…
(He points Scruple to the tree on his right.)
Gargamel: I’ll take this one.
(They both reach their right arms into their respective trees and start trying to grab some smurfs out of them. Azrael also tries to scratch through the trunk of Gargamel’s tree. In each tree, the smurfs punch and kick at Gargamel and Scruple’s fingers repeatedly, quickly causing them both to retract their hands in pain.)
Hefty: (inside the left tree) Okay, smurfs! Ready?
Greedy: (inside the right tree) Fire!
(Chestnuts are then pelted at Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael, first from the smurfs in the tree trunks, and then additionally by a bunch of squirrels higher up on tree branches. Gargamel and Scruple quickly use their arms to try and shield their heads from the incoming nuts. Azrael screeches and starts to run away, with Gargamel and Scruple soon following behind.)
Gargamel: I’ll be back for you horrid little smurfs! You’d best not forget that!
(This then fades back to the Smurf village.)
Handy: (narrating) And because very few have seen it, there are many who don’t believe that we smurfs, or our village, exist. But those who do believe without having seen us, like to imagine what we’re like in very interesting ways. Some believers say that our village is so mysterious that we smurfs must be full of magic.
(The scene cuts to a shot of Papa Smurf inside his lab, working on a potion. Brainy is standing nearby, watching as Papa carefully mixes some green formula into a beaker of other ingredients.)
Handy: (narrating) And true, some of us do work with magic and are very skilled with it.
Brainy: Oh no, Papa Smurf, that potion doesn’t look nearly strong enough! Here, let me.
Papa: Brainy, don’t!
(As Papa says this, Brainy pours more of the formula quickly into the beaker, causing it to explode. Both are covered with soot as Papa looks angry and Brainy looks nervous.)
Handy: (narrating) Some are much better at it than others.
Papa: Brainy!
(Brainy laughs nervously.)
(The scene returns to another panning shot of the smurfs working in the village.)
Handy: (narrating) But truth be smurfed, we’re not that much different to any traditional human village. We all have our jobs, hobbies and personalities that define us and give us all our names.
(This scene cuts to a shot of Handy at the top of a ladder, fixing the chimney atop Smurfette's house.)
Handy: (narrating) I'm Handy Smurf. You can guess what I do for a living.
(He finishes hammering at the chimney, and looks down to talk to Smurfette, who stands outside her house watching him from the ground.)
Handy: All fixed, Smurfette!
Smurfette: Oh, how smurfy! Thank you, Handy.
Handy: You’re welcome.
(He slides down the ladder to the ground, and then picks it up in his hands.)
Handy: Now time to fix Jokey’s chimney.
(He and Smurfette both hear an explosion, it is then revealed to have come from Jokey’s house as he walks out his door, laughing and covered in soot.)
Jokey: Oh, boy smurf, was that funny? (Laughs)
(His laughter is then interrupted when broken pieces of his chimney start falling from his roof, making him jump as they land in front of him.)
Jokey: But that’s not funny!
Handy: Oh dear. This one’s gonna take a while!
(He then starts to walk to Jokey’s house, ladder and tools in hand.)
Handy: (narrating) We smurfs are all like one big family. And though our village may not be as special or magical that you would think, to us, it’s home.
(The scene now turns to a shot set at night. Handy has now changed into his pyjamas and climbed into his bed. He rests his head on his pillow and closes his eyes.)
Handy: (narrating) And after being stuck travelling through time for so long, there’s no other place I would want to be. (Short pause) That is except for one.
(This fades into a shot under the ocean, with several fish and other aquatic creatures swimming around.)
Handy: (narrating) The ocean home of Atlantica. Because there is where you’ll find the smurfiest, most beautiful mermaid I’ve ever known.
(Marina appears from behind some plants and swims up to the surface. She stops for a moment and then turns onto her back, and starts backstroke swimming on the surface.)
Handy: (narrating) That’s her. Her name is Marina. We don’t get to see each other very often, but I’ll always remember every moment we ever spent together.
(The scene then flashes to begin a montage of flashbacks. The first is the scene from Handy's Sweetheart, where Handy is underwater and trying to move a boulder. He sees an unconscious Marina floating past him and grabs her by her fins. With her in his right arm, Handy pulls on a white cord from his diving suit, signalling Papa Smurf, Smurfette, Brainy and Clumsy on the bridge above.)
Papa: Brainy, Clumsy, Handy wants to come up.
(As his suit inflates, Handy and Marina are lifted up to the surface, followed by the two catfish.)
Papa: He caught a mermaid! Amazing!
Smurfette: We've got to save them from those catfish!
(She pulls the pump out of the suit, causing it to deflate and allowing Handy to escape the catfish. This cuts to the shot in Papa Smurf's house, where Marina rests in Handy's newly built “smurferator” tub. He enters the house with flowers in his hand and walks up to Marina.)
Handy: I came to see how she's doing.
Smurfette: Why Handy, you brought her flowers!
Handy: Well, when someone is sick, you know, but gosh, she sure is smurfy looking.
(Marina regains consciousness and slowly opens her eyes.)
Marina: My head. Where am I?
Handy: You're in the Smurf village with friends.
(She suddenly looks shocked.)
Marina: Friends? You're not my friends!
(Papa and Smurfette hurry over to them.)
Papa: Calm down. Relax, little mermaid. We only want to help you. I'm Papa Smurf.
Smurfette: I'm Smurfette.
Handy: I'm Handy, ma'am.
(Marina smiles at him.)
Marina: My name's Marina.
Handy: Oh, that's a beautiful name.
(Papa turns the smurferator dial on the tub.)
Marina: What's that?
Papa: Handy built it for you. It's a smurferator.
Handy: It smurfulates air through the water. All fish, I mean, all mermaids need to, um-
Marina: How thoughtful of you.
Smurfette: Why were you swimming so far from home?
(As Marina turns to talk to Smurfette, the shot cuts to the scene from the episode where Aquarius suddenly feels sick.)
Marina: (voiceover) My father, Aquarius, is sick.
Aquarius: Oh-oh no! Marina!
(Marina and her two pet seahorses, Ajax and Hercules, rush to his aid.)
Marina: Daddy? Daddy, what is it?
(Aquarius tries to breathe gently. The shot then turns back to Marina, Smurfette and Handy.)
Marina: He may die if I don't bring him some lilyroot from the pool of Avalon.
(As Handy replies, this cuts to the scene where the sea rescue team brings Aquarius up onto their ship.)
Handy: (voiceover) Don't worry, Marina. Your father will soon be smurfy again.
(This cuts to the scene where Handy and Marina dreamily stare into each other's eyes.)
Handy: (narrating) That night changed everything for both of us. It was love at first sight, and all we wanted was to make it last forever.
(This cuts to the scene where Handy tries to breathe underwater with a smurferator attached to his diving suit. Marina swims over and kisses him.)
Handy: (narrating) And we tried, but in the end, we both knew what had to happen.
(Cuts to the scene with Handy, Hefty, Papa and Smurfette at the river.)
Smurfette: (sobbing) Handy, I'm so sorry.
Handy: Don't cry, Smurfette. She's smurfing home to Atlantica.
Handy: (narrating) And Marina and I did see each other again after that night.
(This then cuts to clips from the episode Marco Smurf and the Pepper Pirates. The first sees Handy and Marina reunite, with Marina in the ocean and Handy being lowered down on a rope. They both reach their arms out for each other, and Handy falls off the rope and into the water. Both he and Marina laugh at this.)
(The next shot features Brainy, Hefty and Handy rescuing Marco from the Pepper Pirates ship.)
Handy: (narrating) One time, we worked together to help save our friend Marco Smurf from pirates.
Captain Pepper: They're escaping! After them!
(The pirates are now seen chasing the smurfs. Marina, on board a dolphin, appears underneath the pirate ship, and the dolphin lifts it off the ocean surface and throws it behind them. The smurfs cheer as they all sail away to safety.)
(This then moves to a shot from the episode No Smurf Is An Island, where Handy is seen driving his smurfmarine with Marina swimming alongside him.)
Handy: (narrating) And another time, we were going to live together. But something happened.
(They are both stopped by the fish admiring Handy's smurfmarine, forcing Handy to reverse and crash. A large boulder then lands on the smurfmarine, trapping Handy inside as it fills up with water.)
Marina: Handy! Are you alright?
Handy: Marina?
Marina: Handy, you've got to get out! Hurry!
(He picks himself up and tries to open the hatch, but is unable to.)
Handy: The hatch is blocked!
(Marina then sees the Smurf II ship sailing above, and quickly swims up to it.)
Marina: Smurfs, help! Handy's smurfmarine sank and he's trapped inside!
Papa: Quick, Marina! Attach our anchor to the smurfmarine.
(Marina brings the anchor down and attaches it to the smurfmarine. The smurfs above try their hardest to pull it up but are unable to do so.)
Smurfette: It's no use, he's going to drown!
Hefty: Not if I can help it!
(Hefty dives into the ocean with a drill in his hand. He swims down, drills a hole into the smurfmarine, and gets Handy out and to safety. This fades to a shot with Handy now on the Smurf II ship. He stands at the side of the ship to talk to Marina.)
Handy: (narrating) And then, the smurfs needed me at home.
Marina: I understand, Handy. But I'll miss you.
Handy: And I'll miss you, Marina. But I'll find a way to come back someday.
(This final flashback clip fades back into present day, with Handy in bed sleeping and dreaming.)
Handy: (narrating) I meant that promise to her. And I made a vow to never give up hope. There is a way we can be together, I just know it. (Pause) Thinking about it, I wonder how she's doing now.
(This scene fades to a panning bird's eye view of a clean ocean surface. It then cuts to an underwater view, where we see Marina, Ajax and Hercules swimming up to the surface of the ocean together. When they reach the surface, they all look out over it, and then return to the water and swim further forward, before Marina jumps out and lands on a rock. From here, she looks around at the view of the ocean, and the blue sky. Marina then sees a boat straight in front of her. She starts to look worried as the boat moves closer and faster to her.)
Marina: Oh, no.
(Two people dressed in full-bodied scuba diving suits are seen driving the boat forward. Marina jumps back in the water and begins to swim away, warning all the fish she passes.)
Marina: They're here again! Everybody swim away!
(They all swim away with Marina, as the divers approach the rock and stop the boat.)
Diver #1: We only need the mermaid.
(Diver #2 nods his head, and jumps into the water with a net in his hand. He then starts to swim forward, following the fish. Marina quickly looks behind and sees the diver swimming quickly behind her. Scared, she accelerates her swimming, but the diver also speeds up right behind her. He manages to grab Marina in the net, she tries to break free but the diver closes the net in the grasp of his hand, blocking Marina's chance of escaping. He then swims back up to the boat.)
(As the diver reaches the boat and climbs back up onto it, he opens the net and causes Marina to drop onto the surface. She looks up at the divers as they remove their helmets and reveal themselves to be Gargamel and Scruple. Both of them have menacing grins on their faces. Now trembling with fear, Marina turns her head around to notice Azrael behind her, preparing to strike. She panics and begins to back away from him. Gargamel, Scruple and Azrael all laugh evilly as Azrael pounces at Marina. She screams in fear and covers her face with her arms.)
(Azrael's paws look like they are about to land painfully on Marina, but before this can happen, the scene cuts to Handy Smurf suddenly waking up screaming, revealing that his dream had become a nightmare. Handy puts his right hand on his forehead and deeply breathes in and out, trying to recover. Then there is a knock at his door, which causes him to jump in surprise.)
Papa: (from outside) Handy?
Handy: Oh! Hang on, I'll be right there!
(He quickly jumps out of bed and runs to the door, opening it to Papa Smurf.)
Papa: Is everything alright, Handy?
Handy: Oh yes, fine, Papa Smurf! I'm okay!
(Handy adjusts his hat and still breathes deeply, trying to relax.)
Papa: Are you sure you're okay?
Handy: Yeah! Yeah, I'm fine.
(He breathes more easily now.)
Handy: Has everyone started without me?
Papa: Not yet. Greedy just served breakfast. We were wondering where you were.
Handy: Okay, thanks, Papa Smurf. I'll be right there.
(Papa Smurf then closes the door, leaving Handy thinking to himself again. He deeply breathes in and out again, still trying to recover from his nightmare. Whilst doing this he puts one hand on his head and the other on his chest.)
Handy: Okay Handy, just relax. (Pause) Just relax, okay, it was only a bad dream. Everything's fine, I'm sure of it.
(Handy still looks and feels uncertain. He then looks ahead and sees a framed painting of him and Marina together. The painting hangs just above a table against the wall opposite Handy's bed. It is one that Painter Smurf had made for them when Marina first came to the village, and it shows Handy and Marina holding hands and smiling together. Handy walks over to the painting and carefully lifts it down. He then sits down on a nearby chair and looks at it. He raises a smile as he does, remembering the times that he and Marina spent together.)
Handy: But still, I wonder if that dream meant something.
(With his finger, Handy gently strokes the part of the painting with Marina's face, followed by where their two hands intertwine.)
Handy: Oh, Marina.
(This fades into a slow moving shot of the smurf village. Over this, the title “THE SMURFS” appears on screen, followed by “THE SMURFIEST LOVE OF ALL” underneath it. They fade off screen after a few seconds. Back with Handy, he has changed into his overalls. He leaves his house, and walks by Greedy Smurf's house and stops outside his window.)
Handy: Hi, Greedy.
Greedy: Morning, Handy! You're off to a late start.
Handy: Yeah, I overslept. Where's everyone else?
Greedy: They just left. Come on in, I'll fix you up some breakfast.
Handy: Oh, no thanks, Greedy, I don't want to smurf too far behind on my chores today.
Greedy: Well you should eat something, Handy. Hang on, I may have a smurfberry muffin left.
(Greedy goes to look for a muffin while Handy waits by his window.)
Handy: Did anyone say where they need me to be?
(Greedy walks over to Handy with a muffin in his hand.)
Greedy: Yeah, Papa Smurf needs you to help down at the bridge. It needs some repairs. Here's your muffin.
(He hands a smurfberry muffin over to Handy.)
Handy: Thanks, Greedy! I'll eat it on my way.
(Handy runs away from Greedy's house and into the forest, eating his muffin as he goes. On his way, he notices the Smurflings, Sassette, Nat, Snappy, and Slouchy, playing together with Puppy. As he passes them, the four all stop to wave and say hi to Handy, who waves back.)
Smurflings: Morning, Handy!
Handy: Morning, Smurflings!
(Handy continues to run along. As he finishes eating his muffin, he reaches the bridge, where Hefty Smurf, Clumsy Smurf, Brainy Smurf and Smurfette are waiting. Brainy has a disapproving look on his face.)
Handy: Hey guys!
Brainy: Well, look who decided to smurf out of bed at last.
Handy: Sorry I'm late, I overslept this morning.
Brainy: Handy, Handy, Handy, when will you remember that every working day is set to a specific schedule? Sleeping in like this will only break the schedule and if ever a schedule is broken-
Smurfette: (interrupting) Oh, stop it, Brainy!
Hefty: Yeah, we haven't even got started yet!
Handy: So you're not mad?
Hefty: No, don't worry about it, Handy. We all oversleep every once in a while.
Handy: Thanks, Hefty. So what needs to be done here?
Hefty: Well some of the logs are beginning to look frail. Papa Smurf has marked the ones that he needs us to replace. We're gonna need to get some logs, a hammer, and we may need an axe as well.
Handy: I can get a hammer and axe back at the workshop.
Hefty: Great! Smurfette, can you come to the forest with me to get the wood?
Smurfette: Sure, Hefty. Brainy, you and Clumsy can stay here and watch the bridge.
Clumsy: Uh, no problem, Smurfette!
(Handy, Hefty and Smurfette all leave for the forest. As the three of them walk together, Handy looks to his left and stops. He sees Marina in the middle of some trees in front of him, smiling and waving at him. Handy stands looking stunned yet confused.)
Hefty: Handy?
(His concentration broken, Handy quickly turns to Hefty and Smurfette.)
Hefty: Something wrong?
(Handy turns his view back to the left, where now all he sees are the trees, and some fallen leaves and twigs.)
Handy: No. No, I'm okay.
(He continues to walk with Hefty and Smurfette. The scene now cuts to a shot of Gargamel's house. Inside, he is working on a blue coloured formula. Azrael sits on the table, watching closely.)
Gargamel: And now, just one more ingredient and it's ready, Azrael!
(Azrael meows excitedly as Gargamel adds to his formula.)
Gargamel: Easy now, gently does it...
(The formula then explodes, leaving their faces covered in soot. A large splash of the formula flies across the room and lands on the floor, close to where Scruple is mopping.)
Scruple: (grumbles) I just mopped over there!
Gargamel: Oh what are you complaining for? I'm the one who can't get this blasted formula right!
Scruple: Okay, and what happens if you do?
Azrael: (meowing) Nothing.
(Azrael jumps up screaming at the tone of Gargamel's voice.)
Gargamel: For your information, you blithering dolt, this formula is the one thing left that I need to create an all-powerful smurf magnet! Then I can attract those little pests right into my clutches!
Scruple: Yeah, I'm pretty sure you've tried that before.
Gargamel: Yes but this time I'm going for it with a much wider range! My magnet will be able to track everywhere around the entire forest, right from the comfort of my own house. Instead of going after the smurfs, they'll all come over to me!
(He cackles, yet Scruple still looks unconvinced.)
Scruple: Something tells me once again that the ambition is bigger than the mind who has it.
Gargamel: Ah, you still have a lot to learn, young man.
Scruple: (sarcastic) Considering my teacher, I wonder why!
(Pause, Scruple puts the mop down against the wall and walks over to Gargamel.)
Gargamel: Excuse me! I didn't ask you to stop!
Scruple: Gargy, have you ever thought that maybe your downfall to catching the smurfs is all the crazy gadgets and plans you come up with?
Gargamel: What exactly are you suggesting?
Scruple: I'm just saying that, maybe just your speed and one simple net might do it. You run out, net some smurfs, run back, throw 'em in the boiler, and bam! 15 minutes later, breakfast's on the table.
Gargamel: Scruple, I appreciate your desire for the world to be rid of the little blue wretches, but perhaps you should leave the master plans to the master?
Azrael: (meowing) Oh, brother.
Gargamel: Now, with that experiment test going wrong, where do I go from here?
(Pause, his face suddenly lights up with an idea.)
Gargamel: Wait, I've got it! I run out, net some smurfs, run back, throw them in the boiler, and bam! Breakfast is on the table!
(Scruple looks blank.)
Scruple: Yeah, that's what I just said.
Gargamel: Be quiet, I can't hear myself think! (to himself) It's simple, and easy, but maybe that's what makes it brilliant! No gimmicks, no crazy experiments gone wrong, a simple and effective net full of smurfs! (laughs) It's perfect!
(Gargamel grabs a net and walks up to his door, about to leave.)
Gargamel: I'm now off to capture all those little smurfs! And this shouldn't take long.
Scruple: Of course it won't. You can't even pull off a simple plan without messing up! I predict it'll be about... 10 minutes before you come back a failure.
Gargamel: No! I am definitely going to catch them today, without any distractions or mistakes! Scruple, you stay here and mop the floor! Then when you've finished that, clean the cellar! Azrael, you stay here and... I don't know, just, do whatever it is that you do!
(Azrael meows tiredly as Gargamel leaves.)
Scruple: Yeah I know how you feel. He's so caught up in his own “genius”, that he doesn't stop to recognise our own.
Azrael: (sighs) (meowing) I know.
(Back in the smurf village, Handy arrives at his workshop, and enters to find another smurf working inside, hammering down on something.)
Handy: Hello?
(The smurf turns around, revealing himself as Marco Smurf.)
Handy: Marco?
Marco: Ah! Handy! Jolly good morning to you, lad!
Handy: Marco, what are you doing in here?
Marco: Oh, just working on something. You wouldn't happen to have a bigger hammer, would you?
(Handy looks at the hammer that Marco holds in his hand.)
Handy: Yeah, sure, I'll find one for you.
(He walks over to a desk full of tools and picks up two hammers, holding one in each hand. He shows them both to Marco, one hammer is one size larger than the one Marco already has, the other is two sizes larger.)
Handy: These are the biggest hammers I have. Which one?
Marco: The smaller one should be fine, thank you.
(Handy walks over to Marco and hands him the smaller of the two hammers. He holds on to the other hammer, and then picks up a nearby axe, and holds them both in the same hand. He then catches a glimpse of what Marco is making, and instantly looks confused.)
Handy: Okay, what is this?
Marco: Well it's not finished yet, but it will be something for Dreamy. He's been unhappy with the way his ship's been smurfing lately, so I decided to build a better motor for him to use. With any luck this will be just the thing he needs. But don't say anything though, I want to surprise him.
Handy: Don't you worry, your secret is safe with me.
Marco: Thanks.
Handy: You're welcome. This is a very smurfy thing you're doing for Dreamy, and I must say I'm surprised. I didn't expect you to be the constructive kind, Marco.
Marco: Ah, I needed a hobby, Handy. Greedy still has all the pepper he needs and, well, things really aren't smurfy in the trade business right now. There's been no demand for anything from anywhere across the Seven Seas for months, and word has it that my services are going to continue to be redundant for a while longer. Basically, I'm out of a job.
Handy: Oh. Sorry, Marco.
Marco: No need to worry, Handy. I like this building hobby I'm doing, and you know I'll be okay. I'll find work.
Handy: Sure you will. There's something out there for every smurf, you just gotta keep your head up. And if you ever need help with what you're building, you know I'm around.
Marco: Thanks, Handy. You're a good friend.
Handy: You are too. Okay, I gotta get back to the bridge. See you later, Marco!
Marco: Yeah, see you later.
(Handy leaves his workshop. He takes a few steps forward, and then stops. He then looks ahead and sees Marina again. This time she is far away but she is looking directly at him. Marina smiles and waves at Handy again while he watches closely.)
Marina: (faint voice) Handy... Handy...
Poet: Handy!
(His concentration broken again, Handy jumps in surprise and then quickly turns left to find Poet Smurf standing nearby.)
Handy: Oh! Hi, Poet. I didn't see you there.
Poet: Are you okay?
Handy: Yes, yes, I'm fine. You alright?
Poet: Hmm... not really to be honest with you.
Handy: Oh. What's wrong?
Poet: I can't think of anything to write a poem about. It's so frustrating, I keep trying to think of something but nothing's inspiring me.
Handy: I see. Well, I think every writer experiences writer's block sometimes. Maybe the problem is that you're thinking too hard. Free your mind, Poet. Let it smurf some relaxation, and then maybe something will come to you.
(Short pause)
Poet: That's not a bad idea. (Pause) I'll think about that. Thank you, Handy.
Handy: No problem. Listen, I've gotta run, they need me back at the bridge. But let me know how it goes, okay?
Poet: Will do. Smurf you later, Handy.
Handy: See you, Poet!
(Handy starts to run back to the bridge. As he runs, he faintly hears Marina's voice again.)
Marina: (faint voice) Handy...
(Hearing this leaves Handy suddenly confused again. He stops running, stands looking up into the clouds, and sees a cloud shaped like Marina in front of him, moving through the sky. Handy curiously continues looking on at it.)
Marina: (faint voice) Handy...
(Upon hearing her voice again, Handy looks down and quickly shakes his head.)
Handy: Okay, now I know I'm smurfing things.
(He then continues to run back to the bridge, only looking forward, never behind or around him. Meanwhile, on the other side of the forest, Gargamel walks by himself, with a large net in his hand. After a few more paces, he quickly stops and hides behind a nearby tree.)
Gargamel: No gimmicks... no distractions... no dum-dums...
(Gargamel then turns his head around, to catch a peek at what's in front of him ahead. He notices a group of smurfs working together on the bridge.)
Gargamel: … and there lies the prey.
(In the next shot, we see Handy, Smurfette, Hefty, Clumsy and Brainy at the bridge. Handy and Smurfette remove a fragile log from the bridge and pass it to Hefty and Clumsy. They hold it above their heads and start to walk back. As Clumsy and Hefty walk back to the end of the bridge, Brainy stands there, doing nothing but talking.)
Brainy: That's it, smurfs! Everyone working hard together to get the job smurfed as fast as possible. That's the way to do it I always say! Working so productively together is most certainly the way of the future! I truly believe-
(He is interrupted when Clumsy stumbles and accidentally knocks him on the head with the log, causing Brainy to fall down.)
Clumsy: Oops! Uh, sorry Brainy.
(Brainy picks himself up here.)
Brainy: Well so you should be, Clumsy! You know it's very rude for someone to interrupt me when I'm trying to send a positive message of motivation across to everysmurf! And furthermore-
(He is interrupted again when a new log hits him on the back of his head this time and knocks him down again.)
Brainy: Clumsy!
Hefty: That one was from me!
(Carrying a new log over their heads, Hefty and Clumsy start to walk back to Handy and Smurfette.)
Smurfette: So is Marco gonna be okay, do you think?
Handy: I hope so. He likes what he's doing right now so I guess he's not feeling too smurfed down about it.
Smurfette: Well, as long as he's happy, that’s what matters. But still, I just can't imagine what it must feel like to be in Marco's situation.
Hefty: I know what you mean though, Smurfette. If the village didn't need a strong-man smurf to help with all the heavy stuff, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.
(Hefty and Clumsy lower the log down to Smurfette and Handy, who then place it in the empty gap on the bridge. With Handy on the left side of the log, and Smurfette on the right side and opposite Handy, both pick up a hammer and nail and start to hammer the log in place.)
(Handy finishes quickly, and when he does, he looks down at the river below them, and has a vision of Marina swimming in it. As he looks closer, Handy's vision sees Marina smiling and waving at him.)
Marina: (faint voice) Handy... Handy...
Hefty: Handy!
Handy: Ah!
(He jumps in surprise at this and quickly turns back to Hefty and Smurfette.)
Handy: Sorry.
Smurfette: Handy, is there something wrong?
(He looks down at the river again and sees that Marina is not there, and then turns back to Smurfette. He quickly puts on a smile before answering.)
Handy: Oh no, not at all! Everything's fine.
(Unaware to any of them, his right foot is closely nearing a small, unstable-looking hole in a log.)
Hefty: Are you sure? You seem a little distracted today.
Handy: Oh, yes! I'm fine. Honestly, I'm okay!
(His foot then falls through the hole in the log, causing Handy and the others to jump in surprise.)
Handy: Whoa!
Smurfette: Handy!
(The other smurfs immediately rush to Handy's aid. He tries to pull his leg up and out of the hole in the log, but is unable to.)
Handy: My foot! It's stuck!
Hefty: Hang on, we'll help you!
(Hefty, Smurfette, Brainy and Clumsy all try to help Handy get free. Brainy and Clumsy each take one of his hands, while Hefty takes hold of both his arms, and Smurfette takes hold of his trapped leg, as they try to pull Handy out. Gargamel sees them doing this from his hiding place and grins.)
Gargamel: Oh this is perfect!
(He laughs evilly and then starts to run towards the bridge. Meanwhile, the smurfs still try and help Handy free his foot.)
Handy: It won't budge!
Smurfette: Come on, everyone! Pull harder!
Gargamel: Mind if I help?
(The smurfs all turn their heads to the end of the bridge and notice his appearance.)
Smurfs: Gargamel!
Hefty: Hurry, smurfs! We've gotta get out of here!
(Smurfette finally manages to free Handy's leg.)
Smurfette: Got it! Now let's go!
(In that instant, Smurfette screams as she is scooped up into Gargamel's net.)
Gargamel: You're not going anywhere! Except in my cauldron!
(As he cackles, Gargamel takes one step on the bridge, and immediately his leg breaks through it, catching him by surprise. Gargamel's weight causes the left support pole at the end of the bridge to splinter and break, causing the bridge and the smurfs to suddenly wobble. Seeing an opportunity to escape, Smurfette begins to climb up the net, but is stopped when Gargamel clenches it shut, trapping her inside.)
Gargamel: Oh no you don't!
(Gargamel then completely falls through the bridge, with the netted Smurfette in hand, causing them to scream as they fall into the river below.)
Hefty: Smurfette!
(They watch worriedly as the river runs rapidly, carrying Gargamel and Smurfette away from them. Brainy then quickly looks ahead.)
Brainy: Smurfs, look!
(They all look ahead to see the other support pole begin to splinter, and then all start to panic.)
Handy: Every smurf, run for it!
(They start to dash across to the other side. The other support pole then completely snaps, and the bridge's logs begin to fall off and into the river as they run. Clumsy and Brainy are the first to make it across safely. They turn around to see Handy and Hefty still running. Hefty looks behind to see the falling logs catching up to them.)
Hefty: JUMP!
(As the last log behind them falls, Hefty and Handy both jump for it, and manage to grab onto the edge of the path. Brainy and Clumsy help them up and onto their feet. They then continue to watch with heavy worry and concern as Smurfette and Gargamel are being taken downstream by the rapids.)
(As they pass some rocks, Smurfette climbs to the top of Gargamel’s net. Gargamel catches sight of her as she jumps out of his net and onto a rock, and he continues to be swept away.)
Gargamel: No! Get back in my net, you-
(His speech is cut off when he hears the sound of a waterfall. He looks behind to see the rapids taking him straight to one.)
Gargamel: Oh, why meeeeeeeeeeee?
(On this last word, he falls down the waterfall and lands in the water below. Meanwhile, Smurfette tries to keep hold of her rock as the water tries to push her away.)
Smurfette: Help! HELP!
Hefty: Hang on, Smurfette!
Clumsy: Oh gosh, what do we do?
Brainy: Someone throw a rope down to her!
Handy: The current's too strong!
(Pause, Hefty then has an idea.)
Hefty: Unless...
(He runs and grabs a nearby rope and ties a lap of it around his waist. He then hands the rest to the others, each of them taking hold of a part of it.)
Hefty: Here, take this! And whatever you do, don't let go!
Brainy: Hefty, wait! Are you out of your smurf?
(Before he can answer, Hefty jumps off the edge and flies down, aiming to land near to Smurfette.)
Hefty: Hold on, Smurfette, I'm coming!
(As the smurfs above grip hold of the rope, Hefty stops a few feet above Smurfette, and a short distance away from her.)
Hefty: (calling above) Gently now everybody! Just a little lower!
(The others gently lower Hefty down slightly.)
Hefty: Smurfette!
Smurfette: Hefty!
(He reaches his left arm out to her.)
Hefty: Take my hand!
(Smurfette steadily reaches her left arm out to grab his hand. Their hands are very close but just a little too far away.)
Smurfette: I can't reach it!
(Her right hand then suddenly slips off the rock, catching Smurfette by shock. She quickly grabs the edge of it again with her left hand and tries to hold on.)
(Hefty then kicks his legs back, and then moves his arm forward, trying to swing himself nearer to Smurfette. Steadily his swinging becomes stronger. Smurfette then loses her grip as the rapid current causes her to let go of her rock. Hefty manages to grab her hands and pull her out of the water just before she can be swept away. Smurfette coughs a bit after being lifted out of the water.)
Hefty: Are you alright, Smurfette?
Smurfette: Yes, I’m fine.
Handy: Okay, smurfs! Pull them up!
(Handy, Brainy and Clumsy pull the rope back, lifting Hefty and Smurfette up. The two both look up as they are being raised. At that moment, Handy suddenly has a flashback of being lifted up via a string of vines. He looks up to see Grandpa Smurf at the front of the line of smurfs lifting him out.)
Grandpa: Hang on, Handy!
(After this line, Handy's flashback ends. He starts to feel faint and falls backwards onto Brainy and Clumsy. This knocks their concentration and causes the rope to suddenly slip a few inches. Hefty and Smurfette jump in shock at this and keep a firm grip on the rope.)
Brainy: Come on, Handy, smurf it together!
(Pushing him back, Handy quickly shakes his head to clear his mind, before grabbing hold of the rope again. He, Brainy and Clumsy continue to pull with all their strength until Hefty and Smurfette reach land. When they do, Hefty puts Smurfette on her feet before he is lowered onto the ground. He then unties the rope around his waist.)
Hefty: You okay, Smurfette?
Smurfette: Yes, I’m fine. Thanks for saving me, Hefty.
(Hefty acknowledges Smurfette's thanks. Then they both see Handy sitting down, slowly breathing in and out, holding his head and groaning in pain.)
Smurfette: Handy?
Hefty: Are you alright?
Handy: No. (Pause) No, I'm not. (Pause) I need to lie down.
(Handy stands up and walks away from the others, leaving them looking concerned.)

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ooh pic start! definitely worth the wait! poor Handy. i look forward to reading more :-)

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Here's the second part, and this is the point where I stop making guarantees that updates will come on a weekly basis. Part 3 is still being worked on, but I will do my best to keep as up-to-date as possible. Anyway, here is Part 2, which starts off the subplot concerning the villains, and introduces my first OCs, including a character that I've written to be Marina's mother, who was never seen or even mentioned in the show. I always wondered why we only saw Marina's father and never even heard about her mother, so I thought I'd come up with my own idea, and that's where Atlanta comes in.



(Back at Gargamel's hovel, Scruple is still mopping the main room's floor when a soaking wet Gargamel walks in, looking glum and exhausted, and shuts the door hard behind him. Scruple and Azrael cringe at him.)
Gargamel: No, I didn't capture any smurfs!
Scruple: I can see that! What happened to you?
Gargamel: I am not, in the mood, to discuss it.
(He mumbles to himself as he walks over to his bed.)
Gargamel: No gimmicks, no distractions, no dum-dums... I was sure that was going to work!
(Gargamel takes a deep sigh as he collapses on his bed, laying on his front. Scruple and Azrael both look at him, unsure of what to say.)
Scruple: Uh... is there anything you want us to do?
Gargamel: Have you finished the floor?
Scruple: Just now.
Gargamel: Good. There are some boxes down in the cellar. Unpack them, then you're excused.
(Scruple looks happily surprised by this.)
Scruple: Excused, really? That’s not at all like you, Gargy.
Gargamel: (exasperated) Ooh, you want me to change my mind, you deplorable little brat? Just get down to the cellar and leave me in peace!
Scruple: Okay, okay! I'm going!
(He enters the cellar and picks up a flame torch. He then notices a pile of boxes against the wall and walks down the steps until he reaches them. Scruple then puts the torch down into a circle attached to the wall, giving him enough light to see all around the room. He finds a note attached to one of the boxes.)
Scruple: Dear Gargy, find some space in your hovel for all this useless junk. I’m sick of storing it. Love, Mummy.
(He opens the box and finds a bunch of items randomly thrown into it.)
Scruple: Useless junk it is!
(The first item he pulls out of the box is a stylish white blazer with red bow tie, still on a hanger.)
Scruple: Gargy in this? That's laughable!
(He simply flings it behind him and continues rummaging. He then pulls out a half-stringed mandolin and tosses it behind him. The next item he takes out is a stack of report cards.)
Scruple: Wizard school report cards. Oh boy, these should be good! I'll save them for later.
(Scruple slips them into his pocket and continues looking through the box. He comes across a dark purple, oversized cloak, and tries to get it out. When it appears to be caught on something, Scruple yanks it a few times before finally pulling it free, sending a couple of books flying out in the process. He also notices a wand fly out and land on the floor, and is immediately curious.)
Scruple: Whoa.
(He steps over to where the wand landed and picks it up. He closely examines it to find shapes of ocean waves and ripples engraved on it. He then notices one of the nearby books that flew out of the box, picks it up and reads the title. There is a picture of the same wand on the front.)
Scruple: The Mysterious and Powerful Secrets and Enchantments of the Oceanic Wand.
(He briefly examines the wand again.)
Scruple: Must be what this is.
(He puts the wand down and opens the back page of the book, where he starts looking through an index.)
Scruple: Wonder if there's anything about making gold in here... page 67.
(He starts to flick back through the pages until he finds page 67. He then starts to read from it.)
Scruple: Centuries ago, in the town of Ranselledor, the Great Financial Drought was crippling the peace and harmony of the townspeople. In desperation, civilians would take to the streets, which would be devastated by rioting and looting.
(This fades to a flashback set centuries ago, where many people are seen frantically running, rioting and looting. This cuts to a wide shot of all that is happening, seen through the eyes of a young, 20-something year old wizard. He is dressed in a red tunic as he stands in his home tower and watches over the town.)
Scruple: (narrating) A young and socially outcast wizard, Pierre C. Chromastone stood and watched for weeks as the town fell apart, until the day came when he couldn't stand to watch any more.
(Chromastone closes the wooden curtains on his windows and locks his front door. We then see a series of shots of him working at an experiment, mixing together some potions and formulas. In one shot, after pouring a handful of potions into one beaker, we see a yellow liquid bubbling, with smoke looming from the top of it. This image freezes, and zooms out to reveal it as a colour picture in a different book. We now see that Papa Smurf is at his home with the smurflings, also telling them the story of Chromastone from his book.)
Papa: Though he was unwelcome among the people, Chromastone remained determined to not let his hometown fall any deeper in ruin.
Snappy: Why was he unwelcome?
Papa: Because magic wasn’t as accepted with understanding as it is now. The townspeople lived in fear of what great witches and wizards could conjure up, so even if you had the smurfiest of intentions, still they would cast you aside.
Smurflings: Wow.
Slouchy: So you wouldn’t have fit in with them, would you, Papa Smurf?
Papa: I’m afraid not, Slouchy. But Chromastone was about to change all that. After many days and nights of endless work...
(This scene fades to Scruple reading aloud from his own book.)
Scruple: … Chromastone produced what he believed would be a solution to the town's problem. He created...
(A split screen of Papa and Scruple reading appears here.)
Both: … gold.
(This scene changes back into flashbacks of Chromastone working. Within the bubbling yellow liquid, a solid object forms in the shape of a coin. Chromastone picks up a pair of tongs, carefully dips them into the liquid, and slowly lifts out the coin, staring at it with awe and admiration.)
(He then runs out of his tower and over to the town bell, which he rings to get the attention of the residents. Soon after they all hear the bell ringing, they turn to notice Chromastone holding up his coin, and excitedly head over to see him. They gather around him and applaud and cheer him and his creation.)
Papa: (narrating) When he stepped out to unveil his creation to all of Ranselledor, they greeted him with rapturous applause, and named the new currency after him.
(The Mayor of Ranselledor walks out into the circle, and stands beside Chromastone as he addresses the town.)
Mayor of Ranselledor: From this day, Ranselledor shall adopt this currency, and shall hereby identify it as “ChromaStone”!
(The crowds cheer for Pierre C. Chromastone again. This fades back to present day with Papa Smurf.)
Papa: With the Great Financial Drought on the verge of its end, Chromastone thought all the troubles were over. But the celebrations were to be short lived.
(This cuts back to Scruple reading from his book.)
Scruple: Some days had passed, and after all the fights about having no money, many started fighting about having more money, and what they felt it meant to be wealthier than another.
(This cuts back to a flashback where we see many citizens fighting both verbally and physically with each other. Chromastone stands at the window inside his tower and watches them all with horror and sadness.)
Scruple: (narrating) Chromastone soon felt that these citizens had mistreated his generosity, and his intention to make things better for Ranselledor only made them worse.
(He closes the wooden curtains on his window. He then stops production of the gold, grabs a sack, and fills it full of all the coins he has remaining, before finally picking up his wand. This then cuts to a scene at night. Chromastone is at the edge of the ocean with a wooden boat in front of him, which he throws the sack of gold into.)
Scruple: (narrating) When night came that day, he gathered all the gold he had remaining and left the town.
(Chromastone then pushes the boat away from the edge, climbs into it, and begins to stroke away from the town and out to the ocean.
Scruple: (narrating) And as he set off for the ocean, he set his own tower on fire upon his departure.
(Having cast his wand, he fires an orange beam from it that shoots far enough to hit his tower, setting it alight. Several citizens watch from their windows and outside their homes as the tower quickly burns, with many of the potions inside causing mini explosions. Thinking Chromastone has died in the fire, the citizens watch with sorrow and regret for their actions.)
Papa: (narrating) As the people watched the tower burn to the ground, they lamented in thought of what their self-inflicted greed and conflicts had cost them.
(This cuts back to Chromastone sailing away, watching the tower burn from afar.)
Papa: (narrating) And as he himself watched the tower burn to the ground, Chromastone knew there was no return for him, yet he soon felt guilty about leaving Ranselledor with nothing.
(He opens up his sack of gold, and prepares to place a spell upon it.)
Papa: (narrating) Therefore, he cast an enchantment on the gold he carried, which would allow it to shine brightly in order to be found.
(Chromastone is distracted by the sound of thunder, which leads to a downpour of heavy rain.)
Scruple: (narrating) However, a dreadful lightning storm came that evening…
(Lightning then strikes Chromastone in the back, causing him to cry out in severe pain. His wand also has an unwieldy reaction as the light from it hits the gold.)
Scruple: (narrating) …and caused him to cast the spell incorrectly. His gold now only shines through murky waters.
(After the lightning strike, a weakened Chromastone falls forward onto his gold, clutching onto it as he tries to breathe for his life. Soon he and his gold fall to the right and out of the boat, landing in the ocean. As Chromastone sinks, the gold coins fall out of the sack and sink together. This scene fades back into Papa reading.)
Papa: Chromastone did not survive after being struck by that lightning. Both he and his gold were lost at sea, and neither has ever been found.
(The smurflings all look awestruck.)
Smurflings: Whoa.
(At Gargamel's house, Scruple also looks awestruck.)
Scruple: Whoa.
(He looks at the wand again, then turns the page of his book and finds a selection of spells that can be cast with it. He continues to turn the pages and discover more spells. Finally, he closes the book and slips it, and the wand, into his pocket.)
(Now back at the village, Smurfette is seen outside her house, watering her flowers. After finishing with her last two patches, she puts her watering can down on her windowsill. She then turns and looks ahead at Handy’s house.)
Smurfette: I wonder if Handy’s feeling any better.
(She walks over to his house and is about to knock on the door, but before she does, she hears Handy nervously mumbling and moaning. Concerned, Smurfette then walks up to the window, and sees Handy in bed, tossing and turning and restlessly struggling to sleep. This fades into a dream that he is having. He is in the ocean with Marina at her grotto.)
Handy: I’m so happy we’re here together. It’s really smurfy to see you again, Marina.
Marina: It’s really smurfy to see you too, Handy.
Handy: I never stopped thinking about you. Do you… still think about me?
(Before Marina answers, a merman named Adrian now enters.)
Adrian: Marina!
Marina: Adrian!
(She swims up to him, and they greet and hug each other.)
Adrian: Hey.
Marina: Welcome home, sweetheart.
(As Handy sees and hears them together, his face suddenly drops.)
Handy: (whispers, to himself) Sweetheart?
Adrian: Honey, you didn't tell me we were having guests.
Marina: Oh! Sorry. This is Handy Smurf. We met a long time ago. He's one of my very best friends.
Adrian: Nice to meet you.
Marina: Handy, this is Adrian.
Handy: Hi.
(He waves his hand, and keeps an uncertain smile on his face.)
Handy: (whispers, to himself) Adrian.
Adrian: Is it just me and the water, or do you know that you get more beautiful every day?
Marina: Oh, you are so sweet!
(Handy's face drops in disappointment again, and heartbreak as he sees Adrian and Marina kiss each other on the lips. Handy then sees them fade out and into a rocky chasm, where he finds himself falling. He panics as he quickly notices himself falling rapidly, and then hears a familiar voice.)
Grandpa: Handy.
(He looks to his left and sees Grandpa Smurf also falling beside him. He reaches his right arm out and takes hold of Handy's left hand.)
Grandpa: It's alright. It'll be okay.
(He doesn't reply as the two of them continue to fall. After a few seconds, Handy suddenly wakes up from his dream, sitting up and breathing in and out quickly. He then puts one of his hands on each side of his head and slowly shakes it.)
Handy: No! No, no, no.
Smurfette: Handy?
(He turns his head to the window to find Smurfette there outside his house.)
Smurfette: Are you okay?
(Short pause, Handy struggles to find words to answer with.)
Handy: Oh, Smurfette! You... you saw that?
Smurfette: Yeah. Can I come in?
Handy: Sure, go ahead.
(Smurfette enters his house.)
Smurfette: I'm starting to worry about you. In fact a lot of us are. We missed you at lunch today and, well, you don't look well.
Handy: Oh I'm not well at all, Smurfette. And I admit it. I really haven't been myself today. I keep thinking about... something... I've been thinking about it all day, and I can't focus on anything else! I can't work, I can't eat, and now I can't sleep, and it's...
(He does not finish his sentence, and instead sighs deeply and looks sad. He then gets out of bed and starts slowly walking around the house. Smurfette still looks concerned.)
Smurfette: Is it something you want to talk about?
Handy: (stammering) I don't know, maybe, I...
Smurfette: Maybe you could go talk to Papa Smurf. And I'll come with you if you want. I think it'll help you, Handy.
(Short pause, Handy thinks for a moment before coming to a decision.)
Handy: Okay. We'll go see Papa.
(The scene now cuts back to Papa's house.)
Nat: So what's become of the ChromaStone, Papa Smurf? Is it still down in the ocean?
Papa: Well...
(He is interrupted by a knock at the door.)
Papa: (to the smurflings) Just a moment. (to the door) Come in.
(Smurfette and Handy enter the house.)
Papa: Ah, hello Smurfette.
(Handy still looks down and Papa looks concerned about him.)
Papa: Hello, Handy.
Handy: Hi, Papa Smurf.
Papa: We heard about what happened at the bridge today. How are you feeling?
Handy: Well, not good, really. Can we talk?
Papa: Of course. You don't mind waiting a moment, do you? I'm just finishing reading a story to the smurflings.
(The smurflings all look at each other with thought, and then all stand up to talk to Papa.)
Snappy: It's okay, Papa Smurf. You should talk to Handy.
Papa: Are you sure?
Slouchy: Yeah. We'll hear the ending some other time.
Papa: Okay then. I'll see you all later.
(The smurflings begin to walk to the door, passing Handy and Smurfette as they do.)
Handy: Thanks, smurflings.
Sassette: You're welcome, Handy. Hope you feel better.
Nat: Yeah. See you later, Handy. See you, Smurfette.
Handy and Smurfette: See you later.
(The smurflings leave the house. Papa pulls three chairs into a straight line. Handy and Smurfette walk over to them.)
Papa: Have a seat, you two.
(The three of them all sit down on the chairs, with Handy in the middle and Papa and Smurfette either side.)
Papa: So, what seems to be troubling you?
Handy: Well, I had a dream last night. A bad one.
Papa: Was it about... you know?
(Handy stops and thinks for a few seconds before answering.)
Handy: No. No, it wasn't that.
Papa: Listen, Handy. What happened to Grandpa, it's been difficult for every smurf. And I know it's been especially hard for you. But you know you can talk to me if it's ever bothering you.
Smurfette: Or me. We're always here.
Handy: Well, the thing is, guys, it's always bothering me. The reason why I don't talk about it is because I don't want to feel like I'm troubling any smurf about it. The others managed to pick themselves up not too long after the incident and that's what I'm trying to do. It's just taking me a little longer, that's all.
Papa: I understand, and I find that very admirable. But you know, some smurfs did come to me for counselling when they felt sad about it.
Smurfette: That's right. I talked to Papa when I needed to and he really helped me.
Papa: If you feel like you can get through it on your own with time, great. But I just want you to know that we're here for you, Handy. Don't feel like you have to do it alone. And also, if and when you ever want to talk to me or Smurfette about it, you must never feel like you're troubling us. We're here to listen, it's no trouble.
Smurfette: Yeah I mean, this dream that you've come to talk to us about, do you feel like you're troubling us with it right now?
Handy: Well... not really, no, I don't think.
Smurfette: Well there you go.
(Handy raises a small, reassured smile.)
Papa: So, this dream of yours, what was it about?
Handy: It was...
(Short pause)
Handy: It was about Marina.
Smurfette: Really?
Handy: Yeah. It's the first dream I've had about her for some time.
Papa: I see.
Smurfette: So what happened in this dream?
Handy: Well, when it started, it was perfect.
(This scene fades into one set a few minutes later, where Handy has explained his dream to Papa and Smurfette.)
Handy: And then, that’s when I wake up.
Papa: Wow. That's quite a nightmare, Handy.
Handy: I know, and since then I just can't smurf anything right. (sigh) What should I do?
Papa: Okay, forget about your lack of focus and concentration today. The bottom line, Handy, is that you’re unhappy. And it’s because you miss Marina. Yes?
(Handy nods his head in response.)
Handy: I do. I miss her terribly.
Smurfette: And you still love her, don't you, Handy?
Handy: So much.
Papa: Then I think the answer's clear. You should build yourself a new smurfmarine and go and visit her. It has been a while since you last saw her, and I think it’s a good time for you to see her again.
Handy: Well see, I was thinking about that and then, when you came to see me, Smurfette, I had another dream. And in this one, we weren’t together. Well, I mean, we were together, at her home, but then, this other merman came in, and she was in love with him now.
Smurfette: Oh.
Papa: I see.
Handy: And that’s what I’m afraid of. What if I go see her and it’s not the same as before? What if this dream comes true and she has found somebody else? What if she's completely forgotten all about me?
Smurfette: Oh, Handy.
(She puts her arm around his shoulders.)
Smurfette: There's no way Marina could ever forget about you.
Papa: Smurfette's right. You two are very special to each other. She’d never forget about you, just like you’ve never forgotten about her. Now, there is something you have to understand, Handy. Yes, there is a chance that Marina may be with someone new, but there is also a chance she may not. You’ll never know until you visit her. And I guarantee that no matter what, she will be thrilled to see you again.
(Short pause, Handy now feels much better.)
Handy: Yeah, you’re right. You’re both right.
Smurfette: You feel better now?
Handy: Yes, I do.
Papa: Good. Now I say you should go and work on your smurfmarine right away and set out to the sea as soon as you can. I’ll do your chores for the next few days.
Smurfette: I will too.
Handy: Thanks, you two. This really helped a lot.
Papa: You’re welcome.
(Handy gets up and starts to walk to the door.)
Handy: I’ll get started right away. See you two later.
Papa: Okay, Handy.
Smurfette: See you later.
(Handy exits Papa’s house.)
Smurfette: Oh, Papa Smurf, I feel so sad for Handy, missing Marina like that.
Papa: I know how you feel, Smurfette. He seems to be back in good spirit though, so I’m sure he’ll be okay.
Smurfette: I think so. I have to get back to my garden now. I’ll see you at dinner, Papa Smurf.
Papa: Alright, Smurfette.
(She leaves his house and begins to walk away. She is quickly stopped and nearly stumbles as Sassette stops just in front of her after running to catch a ball.)
Smurfette: Oh!
(Sassette quickly turns around to notice her.)
Sassette: Oh! Sorry, Smurfette!
Smurfette: No problem. Just remember to watch where you're smurfing.
Sassette: I will. And I'll try and smurf the ball a little more carefully too.
Snappy: (distant) Come on, Sassette!
Sassette: I'll be there in a sec. Here, smurf on without me.
(She throws the ball over to him, and then turns around to Smurfette.)
Smurfette: Aren't you gonna go back and play?
Sassette: I will in a minute. I actually did want to talk to you.
Smurfette: Sure. Is everything okay?
Sassette: Well I couldn't help but notice how you and Handy looked when you came to Papa Smurf's house and... Smurfette, do you think Handy's gonna be alright?
(Pause, Smurfette smiles at her, and then puts her right arm around her shoulders.)
Smurfette: You're so sweet to be concerned, Sassette. Every smurf has moments when something is troubling them so much that they can't focus on anything. I'm sure Handy will be just fine.
Sassette: I hope so. I hate seeing him like this.
Smurfette: I do too. But he'll be okay.
Sassette: Yeah, I guess you're right. Thanks.
Smurfette: You're welcome. Now you run along and play. Leave the worrying to me.
Sassette: Okay, Smurfette. Bye!
(Sassette runs back to re-join the other smurflings. This cuts to Handy in his house, sketching a blueprint for his new smurfmarine. After a few seconds, this scene fades into the evening, where all the smurfs are in Greedy's house. They have just eaten dinner and some are talking to the one sat next to them. Papa walks over to Handy and sits next to him.)
Papa: Evening, Handy.
Handy: Hi, Papa Smurf.
Papa: How’s the smurfmarine coming?
Handy: Excellent! As a matter of fact, I was hoping you could look over these blueprints with me.
Papa: Certainly.
(Handy rolls the blueprint out on the table.)
Handy: I've decided to keep the design the same as last time. I think it'll make it easier for Marina to recognise me. But I've also planned to make some modifications.
Papa: Right.
Handy: I want to gather enough material to make the shell stronger, and I've planned to put an extra emergency escape hatch on either side. We both remember what happened last time.
Papa: Indeed, good thinking.
Hefty: Looks like you've got a good smurfmarine planned, Handy.
(Handy looks over his right shoulder and sees Hefty and Smurfette.)
Handy: Oh! Hefty, Smurfette. Didn't see you there.
Hefty: Listen, Handy. I heard about how you'd be feeling and I couldn't help but feel really bad so, if it's okay with you...
Smurfette: We'd like to help you build your smurfmarine.
Handy: Really? You want to help?
Hefty: Absolutely. The sooner we can smurf it together, the sooner you'll get to see Marina again.
Papa: Why that's a wonderful idea. I'll smurf a hand too, with your permission of course, Handy.
Handy: Sure! Thank you!
Sassette: (from behind them) Handy.
(Handy, Papa, Hefty and Smurfette turn around to find the Smurflings and Marco standing behind them.)
Sassette: We'd like to help any way we can.
Marco: I'll be happy to offer my services too.
Handy: Gee, you smurfs are the best.
(He smiles gratefully, and then picks up his check-list and shows them all.)
Handy: Alright, this is everything we require. We'll need lots of metal and glass, a smurferator, which I have spare in my house, and we need to make a robust motor.
Marco: You leave that last one to me, Handy.
Hefty: And after we’ve all had dessert, we’ll smurf everything we need.
(This fades into a scene later that night, where Handy, Papa, Smurfette, Hefty, Marco, and the Smurflings are all carrying supplies for the smurfmarine. They store them all together in Handy’s house.)
Handy: Perfect! I think that’s everything we’ll need.
Papa: Excellent: Excellent. We’ll get to work on it first thing in the morning.
(This fades to a shot of Marina at her home, sleeping peacefully. This fades into a dream she is having, where a younger Marina is with her mother, named Atlanta, and is being taught how to flip in and out of the water.)
Atlanta: Take your time, sweetheart. When you're ready.
(Marina waits and breathes gently for a few seconds, before swimming up to the surface of the water. She jumps out and leans forward, but stumbles and falls back in to the ocean sideways. She sighs frustratingly as Atlanta swims over to her.)
Marina: Did it again! I'm never gonna get that flip.
Atlanta: Keep your head up, Marina. You'll get it.
(Marina doesn't respond, and looks sad.)
Atlanta: I know it's frustrating, but you're almost there. Just keep trying, keep your head forward, and you'll get it. I know you will.
(Marina now looks up at her mother, and smiles at her, believing her words.)
Atlanta: You know what? Why don't we take a break for now, and get something to eat? You hungry?
Marina: Sure!
Atlanta: Okay. Race you home!
(Atlanta quickly swims off, and Marina confidently smiles as she leaves.)
Marina: Oh yeah?
(She then follows behind, quickly catching up with her mother. The two then swim together, both trying to overtake the other. Atlanta then starts to swim up to the surface, and Marina follows her. They both jump out and lean forward, and we see Marina lean forward and, along with Atlanta, land back in the water head first, successfully managing to perform a flip. Both mermaids realise and celebrate this together.)
Atlanta: Marina, you got it! You flipped!
Marina: I did! I did it, Mom!
Atlanta: I knew you could do it!
(Marina then swims up to Atlanta, and the two hug each other, both smiling and laughing together. Marina's face then turns sad again as she remembers something.)
Marina: Mom? There's something that's been bothering me.
Atlanta: Yeah?
Marina: Well... there were these other girls I ran into the other day. They said I wasn't a real mermaid, because the seahorses are my best friends. Because I play with Ajax and Hercules and not with them.
Atlanta: Oh?
Marina: Yeah and, they also said I should be a seahorse because I'm not pretty enough to be a mermaid. (Pause) Are they right?
Atlanta: Honey... don't you pay attention to any of them. They're the ones who don't know what they're talking about.
Marina: Really?
(Atlanta gently strokes the back of Marina's head as she talks to her.)
Atlanta: Everyone is beautiful, Marina. Everyone, including you. Don't let anyone tell you you're not pretty. And never let anyone tell you who to be friends with, or who you have to be. You will always be a mermaid, and a really sweet one, Marina. It's in your blood, and your heart.
(Feeling better, Marina smiles again.)
Marina: Thanks, Mom.
(The two continue their hug. This scene then fades back to present day, where Marina still happily sleeps, thinking of her memory.)
(The next shot cuts to the morning, with Handy, Papa, Smurfette, Hefty and the Smurflings all ready to work.)
Papa: Alright, my little smurfs. Are we all ready to begin?
All: Yes!
Smurfette: No, wait. We’re not all here yet. Where’s Marco?
Papa: Hmm, I don’t know, Smurfette. I haven’t seen him yet this morning.
andy: Me neither. I thought he’d be at the workshop but I didn’t see him there.
Dreamy: (in distance) SMURF-WAY!
(A bunch of smurfs are running away frantically as Dreamy’s ship charges through the forest and into the village at a incredibly high speed. Dreamy and Marco are on board trying to control it. Handy, Papa, Smurfette, Hefty and the Smurflings all hurry out of the way, narrowly escaping the ship as it dashes past them. Here we see Dreamy is at the ship’s wheel and Marco is below the deck with his custom-built motor, trying to push the lever to switch it off.)
Dreamy: Marco, shut it off!
Marco: I'm trying!
(He manages to push the lever forward, causing the ship to start slowing down. Inside his house, Brainy opens the door to see what is going on, and immediately notices the ship heading straight for his house. At this sight, he screams in fear and quickly shuts the door again. The ship finally comes to a halt on Brainy’s house, touching it enough for his possessions to shake inside but for no damage to be caused. Brainy then looks out of his window to see the ship blocking his door. Papa, Smurfette, Handy, Hefty, the Smurflings, and a few other nearby smurfs, all rush over to see to Dreamy and Marco.)
Handy: Dreamy! Marco!
Smurfette: Are you smurfs alright?
Dreamy: Yes, I’m fine. Marco?
(Marco opens the hatch and climbs up onto the deck.)
Marco: Well, the speed gage lever’s a bit stiff, but at least it's working!
Brainy: You call that working?!
Grouchy: I hate motors!
Marco: Sorry I’m late, Handy. I wanted to see how my motor for Dreamy’s ship worked before I got started on yours. As you can see, there are still a few adjustments to be made.
Handy: Yeah, maybe I should make the motor. But if you like, Marco, you could make the periscope.
Marco: No problem, I’ll get right on it.
Hefty: We’ll get started too, Handy.
Handy: Great! With all of us working together, we’ll have the smurfmarine ready in no time.
Brainy: Ahem! While I think it’s very nice of you smurfs to work together in helping Handy build his new smurfmarine, I feel that it is of strongly important duty to inform you that there are more urgent matters to attend to, like possibly, GETTING THIS SHIP OUT THE WAY OF MY DOOR!
Dreamy: (sighs) Alright, alright, don’t lose your smurf, Brainy! I’ll move it for you.
(He jumps below deck and walks over to Marco’s motor, which has been placed through the end of the ship. He walks to the far end of the motor and grabs hold of it, intending to pull it out. He starts by pulling it about an inch, but the motor suddenly gains a late spurt of power. This nudges the whole ship slightly forward, causing it to crash through Brainy’s house.)
(The house rumbles strong enough for Brainy to immediately notice, and for a full bookcase to lean forward. Brainy screams in fear as he notices his books of quotations falling down, all landing on top of him in a pile that buries him, followed by the bookcase itself. With his arms still free, he manages to move some of the books off his face.)
Dreamy: (calling) Sorry, Brainy!
(Brainy sighs in exasperation, before relaxing his head and arms back into the pile of books around him.)

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Hey, Rocker.. you know that video link at the start of the topic? what happened to it?

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It disappeared after my previous YouTube account was closed. I have since opened another, so if I can find the video somewhere I will re-upload it. In fact, thinking about it, I may actually remake it. At the time I only had the episodes as TV recordings, which meant Boomerang or Cartoon Network logos and a few little bits and pieces that were cut out of the syndicated versions. Now I have every episode on DVD, so I may remake the video using DVD-quality footage.

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Awesome.. [Smile] Can't Wait to see it!!!

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Oh my smurf, an update! At long last, I got Part 3 done. Really pleased I was able to do so as I depart for a month-long holiday to Spain in a week's time and wanted to get the next part finished before then. Anyway, after focusing mostly on Handy and other smurfs for the first two parts of the story, Part 3 focuses almost exclusively on Marina. Here I've given her some more development, a bit of backstory (which mostly follows the events of "No Smurf Is An Island" but precedes this story), and I've introduced some new characters here too. So here it is, every smurf, and hopefully Part 4 won't be TOO far away. I have some ideas for it, but I'll need a bit of time to plan them out.



(The previous shot fades into one that takes place a few hours later in the day in Atlantica. We see a wide shot of the king’s castle, a large and shining gold and silver building. Inside we see not Aquarius, Marina’s father and previous king, but a new king sitting on his throne. This is a middle-aged, gruff, and moderately overweight merman named King Beck. He is sat with a large plate (which is a large shell) of cooked prawns. He picks up three at once and eats them all together. A few specks of his food spray out as he chews on them, making some mess that he disregards.)
King Beck: These prawns are undercut! I want them with jagged edges all round! Make sure you get that done with my second batch. You understand that?
(Through a window carved into a giant stonewall, Marina watches nervously as King Beck gives his orders.)
Marina: Oh no. He’s really hungry. I know what he’s like when he’s this hungry.
(She swims over to a stone worktop, where there is a mixing bowl with a fairly thick wooden stick inside for stirring. She quickly grabs a handful of Agar agar pieces, places them in the bowl, and continues stirring. Here it is revealed that Marina works here as a member of kitchen staff for the king. She works with desserts specifically as she dislikes making meals with meat, and every possible dessert choice that the kitchen staff can make is suitable for vegetarians.)
King Beck: (from outside) And see that that dessert fish you have gets it right this time! I won’t stand to have her mess up again.
(Immediately after hearing this, Marina starts stirring the mix quicker. At the same time, another mermaid named Cascade (the head chef in the kitchen) opens the large, clam-shaped door into the kitchen. Like Marina, she has a green body and darker green tail, but has long, teal hair bundled in a ponytail. She is Marina’s best friend and is two years older than her. After opening the door, she stays by the doorway to respond to King Beck before entering.)
Cascade: Yes! Yes, your highness.
King Beck: MAJESTY!
Cascade: Yes! Majesty, I meant Majesty! I will see to her right away, your Majesty. Right away!
(She then enters the kitchen and slams the door behind her, looking frustrated. She is carrying a dish full of seaweed with her.)
Marina: Are you alright, Cascade?
Cascade: I don’t know why I even bother! He is never satisfied no matter what I do!
(She swims up to a worktop next to Marina and puts the dish of seaweed down.)
Marina: He’s still not eating the seaweed?
Cascade: No. I tell him it’s good for him but he just doesn’t listen. Instead he wants a second helping of prawns, cut with more jagged edges, and he wants it in about two minutes.
(She swims across the kitchen to pick up a large bowl of prawns, continuing to talk as she does.)
Cascade: It’s ridiculous, he already has one perfectly good plate in front of him, and he’s expecting me to give him another in two minutes. I can’t possibly do it that quickly, he knows that! And he knows that everyone else is off sick because I told him about five times in the last 20 minutes. But he just doesn’t want to hear it today!
(Cascade stops talking and starts breathing in and out deeply, keeping her hand on her chest as she does. Marina swims over and puts her hand on Cascade’s back for support.)
Marina: Okay, just relax. Deep breathes.
(Cascade continues to breathe in and out.)
Marina: It’s alright. I’m really nervous too, but we’ll get through this together, okay? I’ll help you out with the prawns.
Cascade: Are you sure? I know you don’t like working with meat.
Marina: It’s alright, Cascade. I’ll give you a hand.
(Cascade now feels calmer.)
Cascade: Thanks, Marina. Have you finished the dessert?
Marina: Almost. Just needs a little bit more stirring.
(She continues stirring the mix a little more. After a few seconds, she removes the stick from the bowl and puts it down on the worktop.)
Marina: Okay, it’s ready. Just needs to set for a few minutes now.
(She carries the dessert bowl over to one side of the kitchen, and puts it down on a sideboard before returning to her worktop.)
Cascade: Alright, now onto his seconds.
(Both mermaids take a handful of prawns each, spread them out on their worktops, then take a thinly-cut stone each and use them to slice through the prawns, creating the jagged edges that King Beck desires. Marina looks and feels uneasy as she cuts hers.)
(Outside, the king continues to eat his first batch of prawns, stuffing the last three he has into his mouth. As soon as he finishes, Cascade and Marina swim up to him with Cascade carrying his second helping. Beck catches sight of the prawns and looks more enthusiastic.)
King Beck: Now this looks more like it!
(He takes the plate from Cascade.)
King Beck: You there, young maid!
(He points to Marina as he says this. She gulps and becomes nervous but remains calm as he speaks.)
King Beck: I see you haven't brought me anything.
Marina: Your, uh, your dessert is ready, sire.
King Beck: Oh. Then why do you not bring it to me?
Marina: Well, it- it needs a few minutes to settle, sire.
King Beck: A few minutes?
Marina: Yes.
King Beck: To settle?
Marina: Yes.
King Beck: Well then, that doesn't make it ready, does it?
(Marina gulps again.)
Marina: No, your Majesty.
King Beck: Well then... (raised voice) Back in there with you!
(His shouting quickly sends Marina swimming back into the kitchen. A concerned Cascade watches her leave, and then turns back to the king.)
King Beck: You may go too, Cascade.
(Marina re-enters the kitchen, closing the door behind her. She hears the king and Cascade outside and stays by the door to listen.)
King Beck: And when you do, maybe you can teach that helper you've got to respect her king!
Cascade: She has a name! And if it weren't for her, you wouldn't even be king, so I'd say you're the one who could stand to be more respectful!
(Marina swims away from the door here, feeling slightly relieved but also feeling down. Cascade then re-enters and swims up to her.)
Cascade: You okay?
(Marina takes a deep breath before replying.)
Marina: Yeah, I think so.
Cascade: It’s alright, just relax. The hard part’s almost over. Once he’s finished, he’s busy with duties for the rest of the day, so it should just be our regulars from then.
Marina: That’s good. They’re a lot more easy-going.
Cascade: Well you know, you did well out there. I know he can be intimidating and difficult, but you held your nerve well. I’m proud of you.
Marina: Thanks. You did well too. And thanks for sticking up for me.
Cascade: No problem, Marina.
Marina: Really? I mean, didn’t you get in any trouble for talking to him like that?
Cascade: Well, a little. But I think he finally acknowledged that everyone else is off sick and I’m stressed out, so he just let me off with a warning.
Marina: Oh. Cascade, I-
Cascade: Listen, Marina. It’s for me to worry about, not you. Okay?
(Marina gives a reassured smile.)
Marina: Okay.
Cascade: Alright, let’s take him his dessert. It should be ready now.
(Marina swims up to the dessert and picks it up as Cascade opens the door. The two then exit the kitchen together. This shot then fades into one taking place a few hours later. The working day has finished and Marina and Cascade have just finished cleaning the kitchen.)
Cascade: Thanks for helping me tidy up, Marina.
Marina: You’re welcome.
Cascade: Oh, I’ve got some more pebbles for you.
(She swims over to a corner of the room, picks up a medium-sized sack, and carries it over to Marina. She then opens it to show a nearly full sack of pebbles and stones in different sizes and colours.)
Cascade: They’re mostly green. I hope that’s alright.
Marina: Yeah, that’s great! Thank you, Cascade. These will be perfect.
Cascade: You’re welcome. I’ve got more at home but those were as much as I could carry.
Marina: Oh, that’s okay.
Cascade: What are you making?
Marina: Well, I had a dream about my mom last night. It was a good memory, so while it’s on my mind, I’ve decided to make a sculpture of her.
Cascade: Aw, that’s nice. What was your dream about?
Marina: It was about the time when she was teaching me to flip out and back into the water.
Cascade: Oh yeah, did you get it?
Marina: Yeah, I struggled at first, but then she said we’d take a break for lunch. Then she decided she was going to race me home, and I wasn’t going to let her win. We swam up to the surface together, and then I got it.
Cascade: That’s great. She was wonderful, your mom. And a great teacher too. Do you remember when she taught my mom to swim again?
Marina: No, can’t say I do.
Cascade: It was a few years ago now. My mom had a really serious accident. She tore one of her fins.
Marina: Ooh, that must’ve been painful.
Cascade: It was. She had to rest it for months and couldn’t go anywhere by herself. We had to take her in a clam-chair everywhere she went. And as time passed, she worried that she’d never be able to swim again. But as it happened, after her fin healed, your mom helped her get moving again. Now she’s swimming everywhere.
Marina: That’s wonderful.
Cascade: Yeah it is. The injury made her fins more sensitive so she’s not a strong swimmer. But of course, neither am I. After I had to have one of my gills taken out, I was never able to swim as well as I could before. Breathing isn’t always easy either.
Marina: I see.
Cascade: But everything’s okay. Life goes on, Mom and I both feel good, and I like that we both swim at our own pace.
Marina: That’s great.
(She picks up the sack and holds it over her right shoulder.)
Marina: I must get going, but thanks again for these.
Cascade: No problem. It’s not too heavy, is it?
Marina: No, it’s just fine.
Cascade: Good. When you finish the sculpture, could you let me know? I’d love to see it.
Marina: Sure! See you tomorrow, Cascade.
Cascade: Bye, Marina.
(Marina leaves through the kitchen’s back exit, and swims away from the castle, heading for home. This fades into a shot where she continues swimming home, having gone just over half a mile. Another mermaid tail is then seen grabbing hers, causing Marina to trip and fall onto the ground. In the process, her sack of pebbles is dropped and opened, causing several of them to fall out. Marina turns to notice a trio of mermaids behind her. They are Brooke (with faded red hair), Pearl (with blonde hair), and the leader of their group Nerissa (with light pink hair). Nerissa and Brooke are sisters, with Nerissa being the older by one year. Pearl is the youngest of the trio. They have always been Marina’s bullies and are all either one or two years older than her, though they are all younger than Cascade. Nerissa and Brooke are laughing at Marina following her trip and fall.)
Nerissa: Sorry, seahorse. Did I get your tail?
Marina: Very funny, Nerissa.
Nerissa: Yeah, I thought so!
Brooke: Hey, don’t hog all the fun!
(Brooke swims over to Marina as she tries to put the fallen pebbles back in the sack. Brooke then starts using her tail to brush them away.)
Marina: Hey, what are you doing?
(She tries to stop her, but Brooke pushes her down. Marina lands on some of the loose pebbles, hurting her. Noticing her sack close behind her, she grabs it and start putting as many pebbles as she can back into it as Brooke keeps brushing them away.)
Marina: Brooke, stop it!
Brooke: Oh, sorry! I forgot that these rocks are so important to you.
(She then scoops up a handful in both her hands and swims over to Marina.)
Brooke: Here. You can have them back!
(She drops them down on Marina, with most of them hitting her head.)
Marina: Ow!
(Brooke laughs as she swims back to Nerissa and Pearl.)
Brooke: Clearly she’s still spending all her time on those ridiculous sculptures.
Nerissa: What are you making now? That… swoof you like?
(Here, Marina is once again putting her pebbles back into the sack.)
Marina: He’s a smurf.
Brooke: Yeah, whatever, listen Marina, isn’t it about time you grew out of this fantasy? I mean, imaginary friends are fine when you’re little…
Marina: He’s not imaginary!
Nerissa: Then how come we never see him?
Brooke: Yeah! Or more importantly, if he is real, why doesn’t he ever come to see you?
Marina: He does come to see me. He just can’t do it very often; he lives far away.
Brooke: And what about those times when you go to him? Does he ever come to see you?
(With Brooke’s words hitting her hard, Marina stammers as she answers.)
Marina: Well, he’s… he’s probably busy in the village. He works a lot, you know.
Brooke: (sighs) What a cuckoo-head. (to Nerissa) No wonder she thought she wasn’t good enough to be Queen, huh, sis?
Nerissa: Oh, Brooke, you know, you’re really terrible at this. Let me take care of it.
(Nerissa swims over to Marina, just as she has finished regathering her pebbles.)
Nerissa: Marina, let me tell you something that our mom once said to Brooke and me. Now I understand this might be hard for you to get, with you not having a mom and all, but just hear me out. See, she told us that we mermaids are a species that the ocean, and all its inhabitants, and all its other-worldly researchers and admirers, considers proud. And each of us has to become something that's going to make our kind proud.
Brooke: Yeah! That's why Nerissa is so smart!
(Pause, Nerissa looks more annoyed than flattered at this interruption.)
Nerissa: Well, yes, that's right.
Brooke: And why I'm so tough!
Nerissa: Oh please, Brooke, would you shut up? (to Marina) Anyway, my little sister, as annoying as she is, is pretty much correct. These words that our mother taught us to live by are why I'm smart and Brooke's tough.
Pearl: And, they're why you're both beautiful.
Nerissa: Pearl, don't you start. (to Marina) So yeah, Brooke and I have something to make our kind proud. But you, Marina, you have nothing.
Marina: Excuse me?
Nerissa: Well, alright, you had one thing: you had a kingdom. But you threw it away. And I know, I know, you had your reasons, I get that. But you know, it is never too late to turn that around. But first, all this pebble-sculpture making and fantasizing about creatures from above the ocean needs to go.
Marina: Oh Nerissa, stop it! I'm fine and happy the way I am. And my friends like me for being that way.
Brooke: What friends? The seahorses?
(Brooke laughs mockingly, angering Marina.)
Marina: I mean Cascade.
Nerissa: Oh, please. She's just too nice to confront you with reality. Now if you come with me and take my advice...
Marina: No, Nerissa! I'm not gonna change who I am just to please you.
Nerissa: Oh, Marina, would you get your head out of the whirlpools and start thinking straight? This isn't about me! It's about you! If you don’t stop it with all these weird… “you” things, then you’re never going to make anyone proud.
Brooke: Yeah! And then you'll never get a nice merman like us.
(Pearl looks to her left and notices something.)
Pearl: Speaking of which...
Male voice: (calling) Hey!
(Nerissa and Brooke turn their heads and notice three merman swimming up to them. These are Tiberinus (Nerissa's boyfriend), Murphy (Brooke's boyfriend), and Perseus (Pearl's boyfriend).)
Male voice: Thanks for stopping for us.
Nerissa: About time! What took you three so long?
Murphy: It’s your boyfriend’s fault. He thought it would be a good idea to stop and try playing volleyball with a boulder. It went right for my head and nearly knocked me out.
Tiberinus: The idea was fine; it was great! You just weren’t thinking right.
Murphy: Tiberinus, being named after a genius doesn’t mean you are one.
Tiberinus: And what about you, Murphy, the so-called “sea warrior”? How do you expect to take on any great danger if you can’t even keep your head in a simple game of volleyball?
Murphy: Okay, that right there, exactly my point. It’s called volleyball, not volley-boulder!
Perseus: Hey, would you two stop it?
Tiberinus: I would if some merman would just let it go!
Murphy: The way you “let go” of a boulder?
Perseus: We’re not arguing about this again! Okay?
(Nerissa, Brooke and Pearl all swim up to their boyfriends. Marina notices Tiberinus and Murphy still bickering, with Nerissa and Brooke moving them away from each other. She then swims up to Pearl and Perseus, who choose not to get involved.)
Marina: Nice mermen?
Pearl: Alright, they can be a lot to take, but they’re really sweet once you get to know them. Not as sweet as my Perseus though.
Perseus: Oh well, Pearl, you're the sweetest of them all.
(The two kiss on the lips. Pearl then turns back to Marina.)
Pearl: Listen, Marina. Whoever this “smurf” is that you like...
Nerissa: (interrupting) COME ON, WE'RE LEAVING!
(Short pause, Pearl waits a couple of seconds before finishing her sentence.)
Pearl: (whispering)... don't forget about him.
(Marina looks surprised by her words as Pearl and Perseus swim over to the others. Nerissa, Brooke, Tiberinus and Murphy remain waiting for Marina.)
Nerissa: Come on, Marina. I'm not waiting around all day.
Marina: For the last time, no. Just leave me alone.
(She picks up her sack of pebbles and begins to swim away from them. Nerissa looks disappointed as she watches her leave.)
Nerissa: Okay, fine! Go. Abandon us all. It's all you're good at anyway.
(Marina stops, looking and feeling hurt by these words.)
Nerissa: Come on, let's do what she says. Let's leave the abandoner alone.
Brooke: Yeah! Abandon the abandoner!
Marina: (shouts) I’m not an abandoner!
(Nerissa and Brooke both laugh as they all swim away.)
Marina: (quietly, to herself) I'm not.
(She continues to swim away from them all. Pearl turns her head around and looks worried as she watches Marina leave.)
Perseus: Come on, darling. We don't want to fall behind.
(Pearl and Perseus leave with the others. This fades into a scene where Marina returns to her home. No longer living with her father, Aquarius, her home is a moderate-sized but still quite spacious cave with shelved walls each standing about 4½ feet tall, and a stone ceiling. Her pet seahorses, Ajax and Hercules, also live with her, and swim up to greet her as she enters.)
Marina: Hi, Ajax. Hercules.
(She swims past them and puts her sack of pebbles down onto the floor. As she swims past, we see on the bottom against the walls are a selection of hand-made sculptures all made out of coloured pebbles. These include a mermaid and merman kissing, a dolphin, a couple of starfish, a treasure chest, and a pair of seahorses that closely resemble Ajax and Hercules. She then tips it back and upwards so that the contents spill out. There are just over 80 pebbles in total, with about half of them being green. There are also some blue, purple, red and yellow ones in the mix as well. Marina looks pleased at the selection, as do Ajax and Hercules behind her, with Hercules expressing enthusiasm through whinnying.)
Marina: You're right, Hercules. These will be great to use.
(Also along the bottom below the shelves are Marina's pebbles, all sorted into colour co-ordinated piles of different sizes. She begins to pick up a handful of new pebbles and add up to the matching piles. Her father, Aquarius, the former king of Atlantica, then enters.)
Aquarius: Marina?
(Marina stops what she is doing and turns around to notice him.)
Marina: Daddy, hi!
(She swims up to him and they both hug.)
Aquarius: Hello, dear.
(The two move away from each other.)
Aquarius: You alright?
Marina: Yeah, I'm fine. You just, caught me off guard, that's all.
Aquarius: I'm here for dinner like we arranged. You didn't forget, did you?
Marina: Oh, no. I just got home from work so my mind was elsewhere.
Aquarius: I see. Hard day?
Marina: Yeah, it was just Cascade and me today. It was tough to start for the king but it got easier later on.
(Aquarius then notices something and looks concerned.)
Aquarius: Oh.
Marina: What is it?
Aquarius: You've got a scratch on your head.
Marina: I have?
(She feels her head for a few seconds, then turns around and looks in her mirror (which is a large, transparent tray), pulls the front of her hair back a bit, and notices a fairly long, but not deep or bleeding, scratch across her forehead.)
Marina: Oh, you're right. That doesn't look good.
Aquarius: Here, let me get that for you.
(He swims over to a shelf two up from the bottom, picks up a dish containing a slimy substance (designed to act as ointment), and carries it over to Marina. Aquarius then picks out a light bit of it and gently rubs it over the scratch on Marina’s head, rubbing it in until it is no longer visible.)
Aquarius: There you go.
Marina: Thanks, Daddy.
Aquarius: How did it happen?
Marina: Oh, I… I bumped into Nerissa and Brooke on the way home.
Aquarius: Oh.
Marina: I got some more pebbles from Cascade. They tried to take them and brush them away and then, Brooke picked up a load and dropped them all on my head.
Aquarius: Ooh. That must’ve hurt.
Marina: Yeah, it did. Then they called me an abandoner and said I had nothing to be proud of. That hurt too.
(Aquarius doesn’t say anything, but responds by putting his arm around Marina’s shoulders for comfort.)
Marina: But what hurts the most is I worry they may be right.
Aquarius: No. No, that’s not true, Marina. Don’t tell yourself that.
Marina: I’m trying not to, but… I mean, it’s not that I didn’t want to be queen. I just, I couldn’t handle it. I spent three months trying but I just couldn’t do it. I couldn't tell anyone what to do, I couldn’t break up any fights or anything. I couldn't even fight myself! I just, I could never defend the kingdom, I just don't have that confidence or strength.
Aquarius: I understand. Ruling a kingdom is perhaps the hardest thing imaginable. And you can show all the kindness you have but that’s not enough. You need that confidence and strength, and you also need to have stamina and tenacity. And even having all of those things doesn’t make it easier. I tried keeping it up for as long as I could, but eventually it made me so physically and mentally weak that the time came when I had to take off my crown and say “I can’t do it anymore”.
Marina: Well, you know, you did a great job. I know you made Mom and me proud.
Aquarius: Thank you. And you made the right choice. I could see that it was making you miserable, and that unease was putting the kingdom on the verge of imbalance. I could see how stressed out that was making you feel, so we agreed it was for the best for everyone that we got you out of that situation.
Marina: Yeah, I think you’re right, Daddy, thank you. I wish everyone was as understanding as you are. Or maybe I wish that the king wasn't as nasty to everyone as he is.
Aquarius: I know it’s hard, Marina. When others throw harsh words, it’s hard not letting them get to you. But you know, you do try your best. And it’s not your fault that Beck is the way he is. His abrasiveness just comes from how he was raised. And the fact that his great uncle was a distant cousin of mine that I never knew about means that him being the king is just the way things turned out.
Marina: I understand.
Aquarius: And I'll tell you something else. No matter what anyone might say, you do have something to be proud of. You may have abdicated from the throne, but you also made the choice to keep working for the kingdom, and to find and create a nice home for yourself. Now that wasn't easy but you did it. You show great responsibility and respect, Marina, and for those things, I'm proud of you. Your mother would be too.
(Marina smiles at his words, feeling better, and turns her head to the left to see Ajax and Hercules. They both whinny in agreement with Aquarius. Marina then turns back and hugs her father.)
Marina: Thanks, Daddy.
(Aquarius hugs her back, and a few seconds later, they move away from each other.)
Aquarius: Feel better?
Marina: Yeah. I do.
Aquarius: Shall we eat now?
Marina: Sounds good to me. I’ll start getting it ready.
(She swims away to gather appliances and ingredients to start preparing their meals. She then quickly turns back to Aquarius.)
Marina: Oh! After dinner, I’m gonna start making a sculpture of Mom.
Aquarius: Really?
Marina: Yeah, I had a dream about her last night and I feel like making one for her while she’s on my mind.
(Aquarius smiles at this.)
Marina: Anyway, I was wondering, would you like to help?
Aquarius: You mean, build it together?
Marina: Yeah.
(Aquarius pauses for a moment, thinking happily about Atlanta as he does.)
Aquarius: I’d love to.
(This then fades into a scene set about an hour later. Marina and Aquarius have eaten and are now working on the sculpture of Atlanta. Both use slime as a form of glue to keep the pebbles in place. Most of the body and head is built at this point, though no features have been added to the face yet. While Aquarius works on making the tail, Marina is working on the hair, adding violet coloured pebbles in rows to make it long. She stops when she finishes adding a row of pebbles that extend down to the sculpture's shoulders.)
Marina: Daddy?
(Aquarius looks up at his daughter. She swims back a little bit, prompting Aquarius to do the same, and then both look at the sculpture so far.)
Marina: What do you think of the hair?
(Aquarius stops to think for a moment.)
Aquarius: It's very impressive, Marina.
Marina: Thank you. Do you think it's long enough?
Aquarius: Hmm... if you want to get it just right, I'd say another row, maybe two.
(With this, Marina swims back over to the sculpture. She picks up a handful of violet pebbles, dips the flat surface of them into a little bit of slime, and then attaches them to the sculpture one by one. She adds enough to make another two rows, then moves back to let Aquarius view the work, which he is now even more impressed by.)
Aquarius: Perfect!
(Marina smiles at his feedback. This then fades into a scene set about half an hour later. The sculpture is now fully built, and Marina and Aquarius are now using small trowels to smooth it out and shape it. Marina is working on smoothing and shaping the hair while Aquarius works carefully on shaping the fins. This fades into a scene where Aquarius is now using his trowel to scratch the pebbles making up Atlanta's tail, adding scales to it.)
Aquarius: Marina?
(She swims over to him.)
Aquarius: How does that look for the scales?
(Marina takes a look at one pebble with a curved scratch looking about 1.5cm long.)
Marina: That looks great, Daddy.
Aquarius: You think so?
Marina: Yeah. It's a good length, I'd stick to it. But don't worry if you make them a little longer.
Aquarius: Thank you.
(This then fades into a scene where the sculpture is nearly finished. Marina is now putting details onto the face. She adds tiny black pebbles to make eye pupils, a nose, and finally, a smiling mouth.)
Marina: I think she's done!
(She swims back and rejoins her father. The two of them look at their completed creation, as do Ajax and Hercules, and they are all thoroughly pleased with the result.)
Aquarius: Wow. She's beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.
Marina: I think so too. But she could use just one finishing touch.
(Marina swims over to her shelves. On the third one up from the floor, she picks up a long piece of string and a handful of small white pearls, all of which have perfectly chipped holes in their centre. She threads the pearls through the strong one by one, creating a necklace. She then swims over to the sculpture of Atlanta and ties it around her neck.)
(This then moves into a flashback sequence featuring a younger Marina with Atlanta. In this scene, she gives her mother a pearl necklace that she has made. The holes in the centre of each pearl are all chipped in different sizes, none of which look perfect.)
Marina: Happy Birthday, Mom.
(Atlanta looks essentially like a much older version of her daughter, but with darker violet hair compared to Marina's lavender hair. In this flashback, Atlanta is terminally ill, and her skin is paler as a result. Laying down and resting, she takes the necklace from Marina and admires it.)
Atlanta: Oh Marina, thank you. Did you make it all by yourself?
Marina: Yeah, just for you. I know it's not perfect but...
Atlanta: That doesn't matter. It's still beautiful. I love it, thank you.
Marina: You're welcome. You want me to put it on for you?
Atlanta: Sure, go ahead.
(Marina swims over, takes the necklace, and puts it over Atlanta's neck. It's a perfect fit.)
Marina: It fits!
(Both she and Atlanta smile at this. Atlanta looks at the necklace again and likes how she looks wearing it.)
Marina: Mom, if it's okay with you... could you keep it on until... you know, that day when you...
Atlanta: I'll wear it every day... and after.
(Marina then hugs Atlanta, who reaches her arms over to hug back. Tears start to slowly fall from Marina's eyes, but despite this, she remains smiling.)
Marina: I love you, Mom.
(Short pause)
Atlanta: I love you too, Marina.
(The flashback ends here and returns to present day. Upon adding the newly built necklace, Marina swims back over to Aquarius, and the two continue admiring the sculpture, and how it stands alongside others.)
Aquarius: Your pebble family looks wonderful.
Marina: Thanks. It’s nearly complete. I just need a bit more white.
(Over this last line, we see a panning shot of some of Marina's other sculptures of her family and friends. Next to Atlanta, we see them for Aquarius, Marina herself, Ajax and Hercules, and Cascade. Lastly, we see an incomplete sculpture of Handy. The body is all built with blue pebbles for his skin and white for his overalls. However, it is missing facial features and a white hat.)

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