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» Smurf Forum » New Fanfic Ideas - Smurfette's Retreat, This Life Rocks!
Author Topic: New Fanfic Ideas - Smurfette's Retreat, This Life Rocks!
Richrod Smurf
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Icon 1 posted 12-01-2014 10:57 PM      Profile for Richrod Smurf   Author's Homepage       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
Aloha, fellow Smurfs and smurfers! Here are two new fan story ideas that I came up with around Thanksgiving, the first one inspired by the rather bittersweet ending of the original comic story "The Smurfette" and the second by "A Smurf Christmas Carol".

Smurfette's Retreat, or A Working Vacation - Smurfette, the second-in-command of Smurf Village and its prettiest resident, packs up and leaves with her pet mousie Little Squeaky for a much-deserved two weeks of vacation time in one of the most beautiful meadows in the Smurf Forest. It is there that she built her own private retreat, a little mushroom cabin with a thatch roof at the base of an oak tree. It's the same little cabin she lived in after the events of "The Smurfette" and before her return to Smurf Village, and where she developed her love of caring for animals.

Smurfette enjoys the solitude and peace in this part of the forest, sleeping in until late in the morning, enjoying warm smurfy bubble baths in the nearby hot springs, and gazing in joy at the explosion of bright colors all around her. But her solitude is broken by many events requiring her intervention:

  • A hummingbird with a broken wing that Smurfette bandages and helps heal. She names the hummingbird Buzz.
  • A baby squirrel falls from the tree at the base of Smurfette's cabin and must be carried back up to its parents' hole.
  • Calming down an angry and scared mama bear so they, Little Squeaky and Buzz can rescue her cub from a tree branch dangling over a raging, rock-filled rapids.
  • And having to put up with Little Squeaky's playful trolling and teasing over Smurfette's pronounced femininity and refinement.

This story is unique in that Smurfette is the only Smurf present in the entire story. She's by herself, but not lonely because she so loves the forest animals and takes care of them like a little mom. The critters, in turn, are attracted to Smurfette's beauty, gentle personality and generous spirit. Smurfette is also very grateful for being part of the Smurf family and draws on her favorite memories while meditating by the River Smurf. And when she packs up and returns to the Smurf Village, she can't wait to tell Papa and the others about all the smurfy adventures at her retreat. [Smurfette]

This Life Rocks! - Inspired by "A Smurf Christmas Carol", but not holiday related. Clumsy Smurf has been having a bad time lately in the village: tripping over things, causing accidents, smurfing chores the wrong way, being lectured and blamed by everysmurf, and even having part of his beloved rock collection eaten by Hackus, who thinks it's rock candy. Smurfette and Vexy tell Clumsy that everysmurf has their unsmurfy days along with the smurfy ones, but he feels that the village would be a lot smurfier if he wasn't around to mess things up.

Concerned about their otherwise sweet and nice friend, the two sisters go to Papa Smurf and ask if he could step in and help. And so he does--with magic. Later that night after the village is asleep, Papa, Smurfette and Vexy create a spell similar to the one cooked up in "Smurf Christmas Carol". A bright blue orb rises from Papa's cauldron and leaves for Clumsy's house, and Papa tells the girls to smurf home and smurf to bed right away.

The orb explodes in a white light over Clumsy's bed, and the discouraged little fella finds himself in an enchanted dream where he meets his Fairy Godsmurf, who looks a lot like Smurfette, and the more rough-looking Sister Godsmurf, who is a dead ringer for Vexy. Clumsy's godsmurfs show him various points in the recent past where he played a crucial part in lifting up the spirits of discouraged Smurfs around the village, including Papa Smurf himself. Simply being his sweet, optimistic and innocent self is just as important to making his fellow Smurfs happy and inspired as Smurfette's beauty, Papa Smurf's wisdom, Handy's inventions and Vexy's fearlessness.

When he wakes up from the dream the next morning, Clumsy is feeling a lot smurfier and has found his way again. Smurfette and Vexy, on the other hand, are tired and exhausted; Papa Smurf's spell allowed them to enter directly into Clumsy's dream and show him how important he really is. [Smurfette]

All that hard work pays off when Clumsy realizes he left some new additions to his rock collection scattered among some fallen leaves near the village. He runs off into the forest to pick them up, only to be met by Gargamel. Clumsy escapes, but when Gargy tries to chase after him he steps on the scattered rocks--some of them with sharp corners--and gives his feet a bad case of the owies.

Back in the village, Clumsy is still the accident-prone Smurf worthy of his name, but now he knows that every Smurf is important and has a part in making life smurfy for everyone, no matter how big or small. [Big Grin]

Any thoughts?

Vexy is still my favorite Smurf. Tomboys need love, too. :)
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Richrod these are some wonderful ideas! Look foward to reading more! [Smile]
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