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» Smurf Forum » BJ Novak on Conan
Author Topic: BJ Novak on Conan
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Icon 7 posted 11-16-2010 09:31 PM      Profile for Smurfy1For2       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
On Monday, November 15, 2010 BJ Novak appeared on TBS's Conan. The star of NBC's The Office talked about his role in the upcoming Smurfs movie.

First off, BJ says he "loves the Smurfs". Originally Novak (who has written and directed multiple episodes of The Office) wanted to write the script for the Smurfs movie. Novak says he thought the Smurfs were very similar to The Office, "Smurf Village is like Dunder Mifflin, everyone has an archetypal personality. Grouchy Smurf is like Stanley, and Michael is like Dopey meets Papa... I had a vision for it." They told him they already had a writer (David Weiss and David Stem), and BJ said that "if there was any chance that I could be a Smurf, I would love it."

Six months later the Smurfs people call back, "Great news! We have Baker Smurf for you."

Conan O'Brien: I'm sorry, Baker Smurf?
BJ Novak: Baker Smurf - who is not in the television series.
Conan O'Brien: Yeah, I don't know the Smurfs well, but I've not heard of "Baker Smurf".

BJ is non-plussed, "but at least it's a Smurf!" They tell him "it's a small part...but you can improvise". So BJ says, "so I'll improvise things about cooking..." and they respond, "well, there's also a Chef Smurf.. and Chef Smurf is Wolfgang Puck. Just try and stay clear of that zone, anything that he would do. So my realm is reduced to cookies, muffins, you know, not even entrees - that's Chef Smurf." They did tell Novak, when discussing his small role in the movie, that it may expand in the sequel, "So in Smurfs 2 he may open a bakery".

Andy Richter, BJ Novak and Conan O'Brien

u wished u rocked as i

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