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» Smurf Forum » "Vanity's Double" sample write
Author Topic: "Vanity's Double" sample write
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This is a sample write of a story that takes place in the EMPATH universe, set a day after the events of "The Hundredth Smurf".

It is the morning following the Festival of the Moon. The Dance of 100 Smurfs has been performed successfully, and a hundred years of bad luck has been staved off. Vanity woke up from his bed, only now he didn't wake up alone. His double was with him.

"Good morning, Vanity," the first Vanity said to the other.

"Good morning to you too, Vanity. How did you smurf?"

"Much better, now that we're no longer mirror reflections of each other."

"Yeah, it was getting tiring smurfing with a copycat."

"Well, let's wash ourselves and get dressed. We might as well go see Papa Smurf about you."

"Yeah, might as well. Just remember, anything that is mine in my house is also yours."

"'Anything that is yours'?" the first Vanity said. "I thought that this was my house."

"It is my house, but anyway, it's still yours to use."

The first Vanity didn't like that the other Vanity was treating him as if he himself was the original and that the first Vanity was just the reflection. They both changed into their day clothes and washed their faces in the basin.

"Huh?" the second Vanity said when he looked at all the hats in Vanity's closet. "Why are all the flowers in my hats smurfed on the right side? That's not right!"

"That's what I was trying to smurf you, Vanity," the first Vanity said. "This isn't your house, this is my house."

"Still rather odd, because the last time I was smurfing in the closet, the flowers were all smurfing on the left side," the second Vanity said.

"Maybe we can ask Tailor to smurf you some hats with the flowers on the left side," the first Vanity said.

"Might as well," the second Vanity said. "He does such smurfy work."

"And we might as well smurf Smithy Smurf a visit for a new mirror," the first Vanity said. "I still can't smurf my own reflection and I'm smurfing rather lonely without a smurf of my own to look at."

"Until then, we'll just have to smurf at each other," the second Vanity said. "After all, the mirror both made us twins with identical features. And I do say you look rather marvelous today."

"Why, thank you, Vanity," the first Vanity said. "I can pretty much smurf the same about you."


Papa Smurf greeted the two Vanitys as they came in the door. "Hello there, Vanity and...uh, Vanity. How are the both of you smurfing this morning?"

"We're both smurfy, thank you," the two Vanitys said in unison.

"Actually, I'm the one that smurfs rather odd today, Papa Smurf," the second Vanity said. "Just this morning, I smurfed into the closet of my house and I smurfed that all the flowers in my hats were smurfed on the right side instead of the left."

"That's because it isn't really your house, uh...Vanity," Papa Smurf said. "It belongs to your,"

"That's funny, because it smurfed like it has always been my house, Papa Smurf, ever since the day you smurfed me my own house," the second Vanity said.

"I do recall smurfing Vanity...uh, Vanity Prime his own house, but not you, uh...Vanity Double," Papa Smurf said. "That reminds much of your life in the Smurf Village do you know?"

"Pretty much everything, Papa Smurf, all the way back to the day I was smurfed," Vanity Double said.

"Do you remember anything like...from a month ago?" Papa Smurf asked.

"I do remember that we all smurfed together to go to that extinct volcano and that we changed into Swoofs so that we could make Dreamy's dream of being Astro Smurf smurf true," Vanity Double said.

"That's what I did," Vanity Prime said. "How could you possibly remember that?"

"It would seem that when your copy was created, Vanity, all your memories were duplicated, so that he now remembers everything that you smurfed," Papa Smurf said.

"But I never felt like I was created, Papa Smurf," Vanity Double said. "I feel like I'm the original and this other Vanity is the reflection. The only difference is that everything smurfs to be on the opposite side from what I remember."

"On opposite sides," Papa Smurf pondered. "Vanity Double, may I smurf you for your heartbeat?"

"Is something wrong with me, Papa Smurf?" Vanity Double asked.

"No, I'm just simply trying to figure out something here," Papa Smurf said as he went for his stethoscope. He placed the other end of the stethoscope onto Vanity Double's chest, first on the left side and then on the right side. He noticed that the heartbeat was coming from the right side. "Aha! Just as I figured!"

"What is it, Papa Smurf?" Vanity Double asked.

"Your heart happens to be on the right side of the chest, whereas a normal Smurf's heart would be on the left," Papa Smurf said. "I would pretty much imagine that all your internal organs are also on the opposite sides."

"But what does that mean, Papa Smurf?" Vanity Double asked. "What does that make me?"

"Well, at the very least, it just makes you unique from all your fellow Smurfs, Vanity Double," Papa Smurf said. "The mirror smurfed you as a copy of Vanity Smurf, but because you are a mirror reflection, everything physically about you is also a mirror reflection. I don't know how you were able to smurf on your own without copying everything that Vanity was smurfing, but you are now able to talk normally and to recognize what's left and right."

"Funny, because I always felt like I talked normal, Papa Smurf," Vanity Double said. "It was the other Vanity that smurfed like he was talking backwards."

"I was not, Vanity Double," Vanity Prime said.

"Let's settle down, my little Smurfs," Papa Smurf said. "Now I'm going to give one more test for you both. I want you two to write your own names on these smurfs of paper."

Papa Smurf handed both Vanitys a pencil and a paper. He noticed that while Vanity Prime wrote with his right hand, Vanity Double wrote with his left. They both handed their slips of paper back to Papa Smurf after they wrote their names.

"Amazing," Papa Smurf said. "You both have identical handsmurfings, even though both of you smurf with the opposite hand."

"Okay, now that we know that this other Vanity is a copy of me, what do we name him?" Vanity Prime asked.

"Why do I need to have another name?" Vanity Double asked. "I feel that Vanity smurfs me just fine."

"We can't have two Smurfs smurfing by the same name, Vanity Double," Papa Smurf said. "And I don't feel comfortable smurfing you Vanity Double...or even just Reflection Smurf or Hundredth Smurf."

"Oh, I think I know what his name can be," Vanity Prime said. "He could be called...Century Smurf."

"Century Smurf?" Vanity Double said. "That smurfs pretty odd to me."

"Strangely, it seems to work well enough with me," Papa Smurf said. "After all, what is a century but another one hundred?"

"So I'm still called the hundredth Smurf, but just by another name?" Vanity Double said. "Oh, very well, if you insist..."

"Now with that squared away, where are you going to smurf, Century?" Papa Smurf said.

"Well, I was going to smurf back to my house with Vanity...if it isn't going to be a problem," Century said.

"Papa Smurf, can't you reason with Century that this is my house and not his?" Vanity asked.

"Right now Century needs to be properly acclimated with his fellow Smurfs and the Smurf Village he now lives in, Vanity," Papa Smurf answered. "And the only Smurf I can see who's able to smurf that is you, since you're both the same person. You'll have to deal with his believing that he is the original and you are the reflection smurfed to life for some time. Eventually he'll get used to the idea of who and what he really is."

"I can't argue with that, Papa Smurf," Vanity said. "Besides, it would be nice to actually smurf a twin brother, seeing that I smurfed up without one."

"Just be prepared for smurfing with a copy of yourself, Vanity," Papa Smurf said.

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

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i love this idea, Vic ;-)

we're all someone's little fangirl.

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Buy a Smurf DVD!

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It is the morning following Empath's 150th birthday. Empath woke up feeling refreshed and happy with the feeling that he is now a free Smurf. He looked out of his window at the rest of the Smurf Village and sighed, realizing that he no longer had to look at the ominous stone structures of Psychelia every day of his life anymore. He preferred the simple quaint look of the mushroom cottages that comprised the entire village.

Empath slipped into a bathrobe and went to his front door to pick up the newspaper. Along with the paper there was also a message delivered to him by Papa Smurf, telling Empath that he needed to talk to him about something important but that there wasn't any rush to do so.

Empath nodded and went over to his dresser to change into his daily clothes. There he noticed the two suits: the white hat and pants that he originally wore, and the new star-patterned black hat and pants that was his birthday present from Tailor. Empath looked at both of them, wondering which of the two he was going to wear today. He didn't mind looking like his fellow Smurfs with the white hat and pants, but there was something about the new suit that drew his interest. It wasn't just that it was simply different to him.

Empath then put on the new suit and studied himself in the mirror wearing it. For the first time in his life as a Smurf, it made him feel unique and very special among his brethren. He also liked how he looked wearing it. He felt like Vanity in that he could look at himself all day wearing the suit. That made him smile.

Empath decided that he would go to Biscotti's bakery to pick up a breakfast croissant before going over to Papa Smurf's laboratory. On his way out the door of his house, he was greeted by a few of his fellow Smurfs who were glad and pleased to see Empath in his new suit.

One of the Smurfs he ran into on his way to Biscotti's was Vanity. "Salutations, fellow Vanity," Empath greeted.

"Oh, hello there, Empath," Vanity said. "I'm glad that you're smurfing on the new suit. It just looks so smurftacular on you."

"This smurf is surprised that Tailor doesn't make any special clothes for you, Vanity, considering that you're a Smurf of fashion," Empath said.

"Ah, you know how Tailor is most of the time...always function before fashion," Vanity said. "Maybe someday you just might convince him to smurf a change in his style of clothes for every Smurf."

"There's always hope in that, Vanity," Empath said. "This smurf will talk to you later."

Upon reaching Biscotti's bakery shop, Empath could smell the fresh aroma of various breads being baked. Although Biscotti was most of the time Greedy's kitchen helper, he also liked running his own shop to offer something that Greedy doesn't normally offer to his fellow Smurfs, given that Greedy is mostly focused on preparing the daily meals and Biscotti likes doing pastries, breads, cakes, and pizza. In fact, Biscotti even caters for the events that Greedy doesn't normally provide the food for, such as the Brainy's Smarty Party that took place a few years ago.

"Salutations, fellow Biscotti," Empath greeted as he walked in the door of the bakery shop.

"Hey, it's my favorite customer Empath," Biscotti greeted back, speaking in an Italian accent. "How's life been smurfing you so far? You like the new suit that Tailor has smurfed you?"

"It's only the second time that this smurf has worn the suit, Biscotti, but this smurf is starting to like how it looks on this smurf," Empath said.

"You know, me, Miller, and Farmer were smurfing about your new suit after your smurfday party, Empath," Biscotti said. "We too were thinking that maybe it's time for us to smurf a new style for ourselves. And your friend Handy, too...he's been smurfing about a blue pair of overalls for his work."

"This smurf had no idea that this smurf's birthday present would be such an inspiration for other Smurfs to abandon their normal style of dress, Biscotti," Empath said.

"What can I say, Empath?" Biscotti said. "You aren't exactly a run-of-the-mill Smurf around here, and some of your fellow Smurfs just don't like the fact that they don't smurf out in the crowd like you do. Maybe smurfing you dress differently will inspire them."

Just then, another Smurf came in the door of Biscotti's bakery. "Morning, Empath. Morning, Biscotti," the other Smurf said.

Empath recognized the voice as Vanity's. "Salutations, fellow Vanity," he automatically said.

"Hey, how's it smurfing, Century?" Biscotti greeted back.

Empath did a double take at the Smurf who walked in the door and sounded like Vanity. He noticed that the flower that was normally on the right side of Vanity's hat is now on the left side. But other than that, he looked and sounded just like Vanity. He sensed something particularly different about him.

"You're a mirror copy of Vanity Smurf, aren't you?" Empath said to Century.

"As a matter of fact, I am...or rather, Vanity Smurf is a mirror copy of me, Empath," Century said. "But other than that this village smurfs a little different from how I remembered it, I remember smurfing you for the first time when you visited us from Psychelia, how you seemed so embarrassed smurfing around in just a hat and pants."

"That's what Vanity said about this smurf, Century," Empath said. "Though admittedly this smurf never actually had the honor of meeting you back then."

"I know, Empath," Century said with a sigh. "That's what every Smurf says about me. I just can't help thinking and feeling the same way that my...uh, brother does. Although I do think you look smurfier in the white suit."

"Hey, everybody knows Vanity and Century have different tastes now," Biscotti said as he handed both Empath and Century a croissant and a hot cup of acorn brew. "They used to smurf so alike that we couldn't tell the difference between them."

"So tell me, how did you and, uh...your brother came about?" Empath asked.

"Well, it all happened about five years ago, when the village was smurfing through a rash of bad luck incidents," Century explained. "My mirrors just kept breaking for no reason whatsoever. Papa Smurf found out that every 654 years there's supposed to be a Festival of the Moon, which smurfs place whenever there's an eclipse of the June moon, and that there must be a Dance of 100 Smurfs on the night of the Festival or else the village could be smurfed with a hundred years of bad luck. Papa Smurf had smurfed around the village looking for those 100 Smurfs to smurf the dance with, but unfortunately he only found 99, including myself. While he was smurfing that, I was smurfing on a new mirror made with a smurf of unbreakable silver and I smurfed it out into the forest to finish polishing it when it started to rain. I was about to smurf my finished mirror into the village when lightning struck it, and then there was this identical Smurf whom I thought was a reflection at first until I tripped over a smurf with my mirror, and then I realized that my reflection had smurfed to life and that he was smurfing the opposite of what I was smurfing."

Empath laughed. "That must have been pretty odd, Century. How did Papa Smurf deal with that?"

"Well, me and my mirror reflection smurfed back to the village to try explaining what had happened," Century said. "Papa Smurf understood me fine, but couldn't understand what my mirror reflection was smurfing. Anyway, he was just glad that there was now 100 Smurfs to smurf the Dance of 100 Smurfs with, and so we smurfed a rehearsal of the dance, but my mirror reflection kept smurfing the opposite of what I was smurfing and so Papa Smurf had to stop the rehearsal until my mirror reflection could stop smurfing the opposite actions. Things just didn't smurf any better living with my mirror reflection inside my own house, and then I just stumbled out the door and my mirror reflection locked me out. I tried to smurf with another Smurf, only to find out that they couldn't understand what I was smurfing, and then I realized that I was the mirror reflection smurfed to life and that nobody could understand what I was smurfing."

"This smurf is sorry to hear that, Century," Empath said.

"I figured that if I was the mirror reflection, then I must smurf back to the mirror that I smurfed from," Century said. "So I smurfed back into the forest and found the smurf of silver and tried to smurf back into the mirror but couldn't. And then in my last attempt to smurf so, lightning had struck the mirror and destroyed it, and at that instant I felt totally different. Papa Smurf and Vanity found me out in the woods and saw that I was a normal Smurf, and so now they could perform the Dance of 100 Smurfs."

"You see how confusing this is, Empath?" Biscotti said. "He thinks he's the original Vanity and smurfs the same story about the mirror, and then he finds out he's a mirror reflection."

"Well, I still think that I AM the original Vanity, Biscotti," Century said, sounding a bit offended.

"It must not be easy to be a copy of someone, Century, to feel that you have lived the same life that they have lived and yet you haven't," Empath said. "But this smurf can't be the judge of your life, and if what you have remembered to live seems real to you, then this smurf can't convince you otherwise. This smurf is still glad that you are part of this smurf's life regardless of how long you actually have lived it."

"Me, I'm just hoping that Smurfette would be part of my life, Empath," Biscotti said. "But I don't know, with the way she was smurfing at you. I don't think I can handle that she may have the smurfs for you there!"

"Anyway, Century, this smurf would be interested to know how you and...your brother dealt with being the Smurfs that you are after the incident with the mirror," Empath said.

"Well, now, that's a whole other story, Empath," Century said. "You might want to smurf down for this one."

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
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In case you have no idea of what Biscotti looks like (or will look like), he resembles Baker Smurf from The Finance Smurf and You Don't Smurf Progress. This is his picture:
And here's the same character with his favorite food item:

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

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That's my favorite food item too (besides celery)

When people say giving is better than receiving they are talking about me. Giving someone one of my exploding presents is WAY better than receiving one. ;)

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a little Italian smurf now :-D very cute. i like him already.

we're all someone's little fangirl.

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After they left Papa Smurf's laboratory, Vanity said, "Why don't we smurf off with a breakfast croissant and an acorn brew over at Biscotti's, just so every Smurf knows who you are?"

"Oh, I just love Biscotti's," Century said. "He always smurfs the best baked goods in the village, besides Greedy."

"I'm glad that you're a Smurf of fine taste," Vanity said. "Greedy smurfs a fine job with meals, but Biscotti smurfs the extra smurf with his specialty."

"I guess without him, Greedy wouldn't have any Smurf to challenge him as far as who is the best baker," Century said.

"I couldn't agree more," Vanity said.

They soon reached Biscotti's bakery shop, where they smelled the village baker's work baking in the oven. "Hey, it's Vanity and the other Vanity," Biscotti greeted them. "I can see that you're smurfing like two peas in a smurf."

"Biscotti, this is Century," Vanity said. "He's the new Smurf of the village."

"I bet you're here for the same reason that Vanity is here," Biscotti said. "It's that you want to try out my village-famous breakfast croissants."

"Actually, I've had them before, Biscotti, and I just can't seem to smurf enough of them," Century said.

Biscotti laughed. "Oh, I get it. This is a joke, then, right? Vanity smurfed you into saying that you've smurfed my breakfast croissants before."

"No, really, Biscotti, this isn't a joke," Century said, sounding a little hurt and confused. "This has always been my favorite place to smurf a breakfast."

"He remembers everything that I remember, Biscotti," Vanity said.

"Really?" Biscotti said, curious. "I'd like to test out this Smurf's knowledge of you and me, because honestly, Century, this is the first time I have actually ever met you."

"I'll try not to smurf it personally," Century said as he and Vanity received their croissants and acorn brews. He took a sip of the brew. "Do you smurf any powdered creamer for your brew?"

"Powdered creamer?" Biscotti asked, wondering. "Oh, sure, you can smurf yourself to this jar."

"Powdered creamer?" Vanity asked, now wondering himself. "I always smurfed my acorn brew black."

"I know that, Vanity," Century said. "It's just that the acorn brew now tastes like it needs some creamer. I don't know why, though."

"Don't tell me you've always enjoyed smurfing acorn brew with creamer," Vanity said, as he was beginning to wonder about his twin's memory.

"No, I always smurfed it black," Century said. "It's just that now it tastes rather different."

Vanity wondered if there would be any other differences between himself and Century in their particular tastes as they both sat down to enjoy their breakfast together.

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

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This is where the story's intended to lead:

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

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Thank you so much for posting this, Vic George! [Vanity Smurf]

Any "Vanity project" is a great one! I love The Hundredth Smurf comic, surreal as it may be. I love how yours branches off from that, and plays up that delightful weirdness. Yours has a bit of a sci-fi undertone too, which is interesting and very intelligent. I also love the moral dilemma. Both Vanities have the same memories, and are technically the same person, and both feel entitled to each other's possessions, being the little narcissuses they are. But it's good to see Century develop his own character, starting with different taste in coffee. But conflict is the heart of all drama, so I'm waiting eagerly for the Robin Smurf behind-the-scenes chapter.

Which reminds me of a story I was going to write. It's about Vanity gaining acclaim as an actor, and Reflection/Double/whoever being called up to be his stuntsmurf. Like your story, it has moral dilemmas about how to treat a clone. In my story, however, Reflection is entirely opposite in character from Vanity, being quite laid-back and modest, but shares his beauty. He lives as "Smurfy Smurf". But he is convinced into having a fun job as a stuntman, and his name is changed to "Stuntman Smurf". He gets pushed around, his job is rife with danger, and his brother takes all the glory. I won't spoil the ending, except that it ends tragic. If you want me to finish and post it, please tell me.

By the way, have you ever finished "Vanity & The Ugly Duckling"? I would love to read it, and I'm sure many others would be curious to read it also. Do not be afraid of controversy. The best writers were brave in sharing their ideas. Apparently you have bouderized the ending. That is fine, I will be glad to read it either way. I read the sample write, where Vanity turns a certain symbolic shade. It was an intriguing start which left me yearning for the rest of the story.

I would love to read this little adventure of his. A story about how Vanity comes to terms with "that little something inside which makes him different from the other smurfs" would be very heartfelt.

"Don't be silly, Smurfette, the mirror is the greatest invention of all time!"

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I haven't even started on "Vanity & The Ugly Duckling" yet, and I'm not sure when I will ever do that.

VIC GEORGE -- Westfield, MA, USA
"Cat and mouse games really aren't much fun for us mouse types" -- Empath from "Empath The Bandit Smurf"

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That's okay.
(I wasn't expecting such a short answer.)

"Don't be silly, Smurfette, the mirror is the greatest invention of all time!"

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Originally posted by VicGeorge2010:
This is where the story's intended to lead:

i look forward to seeing this.

we're all someone's little fangirl.

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More writing of the story leading to Part 2.

After breakfast, Vanity took Century over to see Smurfette. "Hello there, boys," she greeted pleasantly.

"This is my...uh, brother Century, Smurfette," Vanity said, introducing him to her. "He's the Smurf who smurfed out of my mirror."

"I'm pleased to meet you, Century," Smurfette said. "You smurf just as handsome as your brother."

"Oh, what can I say, Smurfette?" Century said. "True beauty is always hard to duplicate. Of course, my brother can never truly compete with me."

Smurfette giggled. "I think you're going to make your brother feel jealous."

Vanity snorted at that. "Well, I'm off to smurf things to make Century feel at home. I'm sure that he could be of some assistance with your gardening."

"I'll see you later, Vanity," Smurfette said as she watched Vanity head off, leaving Century with her. "Now, since you're a copy of Vanity, you must have his taste in garden design, because I've been planning to plant some marigolds, some daisies, some petunias, some daffodils, and some lillies in the community beds, but I'm not sure where I could plant everything to make it really look smurfy. What's your opinion? Where do you think I should smurf all these plants?"

"Huh?" Century said, sounding distracted. "Oh, well, you can plant them anywhere you like. I'm sure that they will still come out looking smurfy."

"Century, you sound like you don't even care about flower arrangements," Smurfette said.

"I'm sorry, Smurfette," Century said sincerely. "It's just that, since that day of the Festival Of The Moon, I've been feeling rather strange lately, like I find no interest or beauty in flower arrangements like Vanity does."

"But aren't you a copy of Vanity Smurf?" Smurfette asked.

"I'm everything Vanity Smurf is, and yet I feel somewhat different," Century said. "It's like I find myself more interested in being the romantic hero, like in the story books, the dashingly handsome hero who smurfs in and saves the day and the damsel, who smurfs her off her feet..." He picked Smurfette off her feet in the manner of describing what he was talking about. "It's like everything Vanity finds beautiful, I just simply find it ordinary and not worth my time."

"I like the idea of a Vanity Smurf who would act like a knight in smurfing armor, Century," Smurfette said. "There's nothing wrong with that."

"But I still remember everything that Vanity Smurf does, Smurfette," Century said. "The times that we spent together were the times you spent them with Vanity Smurf. You don't remember me, and yet I remember you so smurfly, and I cherish every one of those memories. It's like I'm Vanity Smurf and yet I can't stay being Vanity Smurf. It's all so confusing."

"Hmmm...well, maybe coming out of the mirror for you is a good thing, Century," Smurfette said. "If all the life you knew was being Vanity Smurf, then being a real Smurf alongside your brother would enable you to experience a whole new kind of life for yourself."

"But, Smurfette, I never smurfed out of the mirror...Vanity did," Century said.

"You'll have to forgive me if that's what I remember, Century," Smurfette said. "Anyway, there's nothing wrong with you being a different Smurf from your brother. If being a different Smurf is what you were meant to be, then I would say smurf with what you know and feel to be right and just be yourself."

"Just be myself," Century said, thinking about what Smurfette had told him. "Well, if being Century Smurf is what I was meant to be, then I guess I must become him."

"You don't have to stop loving yourself like your brother does," Smurfette said. "If you feel that you're the most handsome Smurf in the world, then embrace and enjoy that feeling."

"Oh, but I do enjoy that feeling ever so much, Smurfette," Century said. "I'm just looking forward to smurfing in my own mirror to enjoy what I see."

"I can let you borrow mine for the time smurfing, Century, if you'll help me smurf some planting," Smurfette said.

"I'll be glad to smurf you a hand in that," Century said

A little later on, Vanity returned with some mirrors for himself and Century to carry while they went about, with Vanity introducing him to all the Smurfs in the village. They all pretty much acted surprised to find that this new Smurf knew so much about them while they knew so little about him, as if he has been with them for years. Vanity tried to explain to them that his brother now has all his memories, so it would be natural for him to know what Vanity himself knew of his fellow Smurfs. They all wished Century well and to make himself at home in the village. Century, however, felt that the village was already "home" and didn't like the idea of being treated as a stranger in what was his "home".

Then they came across Duncan McSmurf, who was doing some practicing with a fellow Smurf with a wooden sword. "Say, that smurfs like a lot of fun, wouldn't you say, Vanity?" Century asked.

"Me, fight with a sword?" Vanity said. "Well, I would find it totally beneath my own dignity!"

Then Duncan turned to meet the two Smurfs who were approaching. "Aye, if it isn't the village peacock and his new friend, the hundredth Smurf," he greeted. "I'm glad to see that you're no longer smurfing backwards like you were when you had smurfed out of the mirror."

"You certainly smurf a bit different from how I remember you, Duncan," Century said. "You used to smurf the sash of your kilt over your left shoulder instead of your right."

"That's never been the way I remember smurfing the sash, laddie," Duncan said. "But anyway, what smurfs you here to see a Smurfsman at work training other Smurfs to fight?"

"I'm just here to make sure the other Smurfs know who he is, Duncan," Vanity said. "This is my...uh, brother Century. He smurfs a bit different than I smurf with his own particular habits and interests."

"So the peacock has a twin brother, eh?" Duncan said, sounding curious. "You know, Vanity has such a fear of swords, even wooden ones, because he doesn't like being threatened life and smurf with such a weapon. I wonder how you would react if somebody were to smurf a sword at you, Century."

"Now why would anyone smurf such a thing like that, unless they're just jealous about how handsome I really am compared to themselves?" Century asked.

"Not everyone cares about how you look, pretty Smurf," Duncan said. "In fact, you're not going to care much about your beauty when somebody's smurfing you at the edge of a blade."

At that, Duncan thrust his sword straight toward Century, who instantly dodged and then reacted by knocking the sword out of Duncan's hand. "How dare you smurf that to me!" he shouted.

"Ah, now this is what I'm looking for in a Smurf, laddie," Duncan said, pleased. "You have the fighting spirit that your brother smurfly lacks. I can teach you how to be a true fighter, if you are so interested."

"Really?" Century said. "Well, I'd be happy to smurf you up on it sometime. Of course, that Fencer Smurf has some fighting skills that would interest me as well. I just love the way he handles a foil."

"I just can't believe it," Vanity said to himself. "My twin wants to be a fighter. What is this world smurfing to?"

By evening, after they have enjoyed a night at Tapper's Tavern, Vanity told his brother, "I've got a little surprise for you waiting at home, which I think you're going to absosmurfly adore!"

"A surprise?" Century asked, curious. "Oh, I can't wait to smurf what you have smurfed for me."

They said their goodnights to their fellow Smurfs as Century followed Vanity back to their single house in the village. Century saw that an extra bed was set up in the bedroom. "What's this for, brother?" he asked.

"I think it's time you smurfed your own bed, so I had Carpenter smurf you one just like mine," Vanity explained. "Tailor even smurfed you the same kind of pillows, blankets, and sheets. It will be just to comfortable to smurf in as my own."

"I do appreciate it, Vanity, but the problem is that I already have a bed, so you might as well have smurfed a new one for yourself," Century said.

Vanity did not like what he was hearing. "The bed that I smurf in is mine, Century. I had that bed first before you smurfed along."

"From my smurf of view, that was my bed," Century said. "You just smurfed into it only a few days ago."

"I was smurfing here first," Vanity said, now sounding angry. "I am the are just a copy!"

"And that smurfs you the right to smurf everything in here as yours, which in fact it isn't?" Century responded, also angry.

"I don't why you're even arguing with me about this, Century," Vanity said. "You should be grateful that you even exist!"

"Now I see that you really are a copy of me, Vanity...a really bad copy," Century said.

Vanity growled, as he hated being called a copy. "That's it! If you don't like smurfing in my house, knowing that it is my house, then you might as well leave!"

"Well, don't let the door smurf you in the tail on your way out, Vanity!" Century shot back, as they both folded their arms and turned up their noses.

After a while, they both realized that neither of them was going to leave. "PAPA SMURF!"

Papa Smurf finally came and listened to both Vanity and Century complain that this was their own house and that the other should leave. Their complaints got to the point where Papa Smurf had to silence them both.

"Century, I'm afraid that Vanity is right," Papa Smurf said. "From our point of view, you are a copy and everything in Vanity's house is Vanity's. So in order to resmurf this situation peacefully, I'm going to have to smurf you to another house in the village where you can smurf your own things."

"Papa Smurf, I can't believe you're taking Vanity's side on this matter," Century said.

"I really don't want to take anyone's side, consmurfering this situation, Century," Papa Smurf said. "However, I think you need to start smurfing your own life, and the only way I can think of you smurfing it is to separate you from and the things that belong only to him."

"But this has been my house for as long as I can remember, Papa Smurf," Century said, now starting to weep. "How can I leave all the memories that I have in this place?"

"I know it will be difficult for you to leave what is familiar to you behind, Century," Papa Smurf said consolingly. "But in time, you will get used to smurfing a whole new life for yourself apart from the things you knew about yourself up until now."

"I'll help you get settled in your new place, Century," Vanity offered. "It will look just as smurfy as my own."

"I don't think any other place in the village will be just like home to me," Century said, as he left with Papa Smurf.

The two of them soon found another Smurf house on the other side of the village for Century to stay in. "Well, it may not look like much, but it's the only place that I can smurf for you, Century," Papa Smurf said.

"Well, this place certainly needs a good smurfer-upper," Century said with some disgust.

"You can smurf the other Smurfs to help smurf up the place to your liking tomorrow morning," Papa Smurf said. "For now, you'll need your rest. There's already a bed smurfed up in there, so you can smurf straight to sleep. Hefty and Tuffy will bring the other bed from Vanity's house over here."

"Well, thanks, Papa Smurf," Century said, with a voice of resignation. "At least this will be the start of a new life for me."

"Smurf well, Century...I will smurf you in the morning," Papa Smurf said, smiling before he left.

Century finally entered the new house and looked around. Except for the bed, it was mostly barren and felt like nobody ever lived in there. It seemed to be another reminder to Century that he was just a new Smurf who was starting to live among the other Smurfs who haven't seen him before. It felt like it was just unfair that he had memories of every Smurf and felt so close to them, yet they had no memories of him except that he existed for the past few days.

He went straight into his bed and cried himself to sleep.

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Part 3

The next morning Century woke up and found himself missing getting the morning newspaper and mail like he remembered it, as he went to his doorstep and found that nothing has been delivered to him yet. Just then, Hefty and Tuffy were passing by his house during their morning jog together.

"Hi, Century," Hefty politely greeted. "It's great to smurf you around in the neighborhood. I'll smurf you and your stuff to your house later."

"Yeah, I'll smurf you later," Century responded with a sigh. He headed for Biscotti's bakery, which was now a longer walk from his new house than it was from what used to be his own house. On his way there, he ran into Editor Smurf, who was finished delivering the papers.

"Oh, just the Smurf I was hoping to smurf into," Editor said. "Reporter wants to smurf an article about you being the new Smurf in the village."

"Maybe some other time, Editor," Century said. "I'm just wondering if you have any newspapers left."

"I'm all out of copies, Century, but you can smurf from mine," Editor said. "I'll make sure that you'll smurf your own copy from now on."

"Well, thanks, Editor, I appreciate that," Century said as he took Editor's newspaper. He began to read through its astrology section, which some unknown Smurf always liked writing mostly because he wanted to make his fellow Smurfs feel aware of their future, even if his predictions don't always come true.

"Hey, it's my favorite new customer, the Smurf of the century," Biscotti greeted as soon as Century entered the bakery. "Your brother was just in here a moment ago. You're not smurfing in the same house with him anymore?"

"My brother had the nerve to smurf me out of my own house, and Papa Smurf just agreed with him, Biscotti," Century said with some anger as he received his croissant and cup of acorn brew.

"I can't say that I blame him for smurfing that to you, and I can't blame you for how you feel, either," Biscotti said. "I just wish that I could smurf something to make you feel better about yourself."

"I only wish that my brother would smurf back into the mirror and never bother me again," Century said.

"You really think this village isn't big enough to handle two Vanity Smurfs?" Biscotti asked.

"I'm Vanity Smurf...or at least, I thought I was," Century said. "Now I feel as if I don't know who I really am anymore with my brother smurfing over my life."

"Ah, that's a real shame there, Century," Biscotti said. "I wouldn't want to be in your smurfs if I had a mirror duplicate that was smurfing over my life. But at the very least, I would try to smurf a life for myself if I no longer had the life that I used to smurf."

"I really don't like the thought of smurfing over, Biscotti," Century said. "This village has been my home, and I don't want to feel like I'm a stranger in it."

"You're never a stranger with me, Century," Biscotti said, smiling. "You're always welcome here."

Century spent the rest of the day doing some shopping. He looked through Carpenter's woodshop for some furniture that would suitable for his new home. He went to Tailor's shop to look for some curtains and household items. He went to Weaver's shop to find a rug that would look great on his floors. He went to Potter's shop to get some dishes and cups for himself to put in his cupboard. It seemed odd to him as well as to his fellow Smurfs that even though Century had the same memories as Vanity Smurf, his taste in furnishings was also remarkably different. In the end, when everything in his new house was set the way he wanted it, Century realized just how different he really was from Vanity. It didn't feel like his original home at all, but it did somehow feel like home for him.

Tapper paid Century a visit to see his new home. "Great Smurfiny Crickets, I wouldn't think that you would ever smurf in a home like this, my good Century."

"I never thought that I would smurf comfortable in a house like this myself, Tapper," Century said.

"But you do miss smurfing in Vanity's house when it used to be yours, according to what you're smurfing," Tapper said.

"It just never will be the same anymore, Tapper," Century said with a heavy sigh. "In fact, nothing in my life is even the same anymore."

"Change is not an easy thing to smurf with, Century," Tapper said. "But in time, you'll get used to the life that you're smurfing now, and the other Smurfs will get used to smurfing you as if you've been here all your life and theirs."

"Do you think there's a place for me here in the Smurf Village along with my brother?" Century asked.

"I'm sure that you'll smurf your place here, as most other Smurfs have," Tapper said. "Frankly, you do make me wonder what it would be like to smurf a twin brother that is anything like myself. I could only imagine him smurfing care of the tavern while I'm smurfing care of the distillery."

"You would want a twin like I have, Tapper?" Century said with some disbelief. "I'm starting to regret just how self-absorbed my brother really is."

"That may be why he would need a twin brother like you, Century," Tapper said. "You would show him parts of himself that he may not like smurfing at times, but cannot truly ignore if he wants to be honest with himself. And he may show parts of yourself that you would not want to smurf but cannot ignore."

"Well, I'm smurfing to think that I'm much better off without him in my life," Century said.

"You can't change what has been smurfed now, Century," Tapper said. "He's going to be your brother for the rest of your life, and you'll have to smurf out for him like a brother. You'll someday see just how important he is to you as you are to him."

Century snorted at that thought. "That will certainly be the day for me, Tapper."

Just then, Papa Smurf showed up at Century's door. "Hello there, Century. I just thought I might smurf up on you and see how you're smurfing," he called out. "I certainly love what you've smurfed to your house. It's a very...unique and...uh, personal style that you have."

"Yes, well, I was just showing it to Tapper when he smurfed by to visit, Papa Smurf," Century said as he greeted the village leader.

"And what a smurfy living space it is," Tapper commented. "I will smurf my leave, Century, and let you and Papa Smurf talk privately." He discreetly made his goodbyes and left the house.

"Century, I had to smurf what I felt was necessary for both you and Vanity," Papa Smurf said when he and Century were alone together. "I know you must be angry with me and Vanity, but I don't want you to think that I smurfed this to you because I don't like you or anything."

"I know, Papa Smurf," Century said. "I'm the new Smurf around here, even if I don't feel like I'm new. It just isn't fair that I'm being treated like a copy of Vanity Smurf, like I was just smurfed yesterday."

"Century, if all the memories you have of us are real to you, then they are real," Papa Smurf said. "All those times that you remember me smurfing anything to you that made you feel happy, all those times that you remember me smurfing you hugs, any happy moments that we smurfed together...those are the same moments that I have smurfed with your brother Vanity, with the same feelings that you remember smurfing from me."

"You mean...that you honestly do care for me like you do brother?" Century asked.

"You and Vanity were both the same person, Century," Papa Smurf said. "Just because you're a new Smurf with his memories doesn't mean that I would care for you any less. In fact, I'm very glad that you and Vanity are now brothers. I have a feeling that you're going to be rather useful to us and to your brother in a way that you cannot possibly imagine."

"I was already useful for being the hundredth Smurf at the Festival Of The Moon dance, Papa Smurf," Century said. "How else could I be useful?"

"We'll find out together in time, Century," Papa Smurf said, smiling. "Just be patient with yourself."

Later on at Tapper's Tavern, as the Smurfs were enjoying another relaxing night from their usual village work, Century could see that Poet and Narrator were busy at work reading a manuscript by a corner table. He felt curious enough to want to join them.

"Oh, hello there, Century," Narrator politely greeted. "How are things smurfing on with you in the village?"

"I honestly wish that things could be better, Narrator, but I'm just getting used to the fact that I'm a new Smurf in the crowd," Century said.

"Sometimes I wish I was just another Smurf in the crowd, Century," Poet said, sounding somewhat agonized. "It would make my everday work a lot easier."

"By the way, what is it that you're smurfing on, if I may ask?" Century inquired.

"Poet and I were smurfing over the script for a play that Brainy Smurf had suggested to put on, Century," Narrator answered. "It's called 'The Adventures Of Robin Smurf And His Merry Smurfs'."

"Oh, Robin Smurf," Century said, feeling his heart swoon. "I just love reading that book!"

"Hopefully you'll love it even more when we smurf it as a theatrical masterpiece," Poet said. "It smurfed us a good while to turn this book into a script, but I think we succeeded rather famously."

"The only thing we need to do is present the script to Papa Smurf and see if he will approve," Narrator said. "If he thinks it's smurfy enough, then we will get going on selecting the players."

"Oh, I would smurf anything to play as the lead character," Century said, sounding excited.

"You, the lead character?" Poet said with some disbelief. "I could only imagine what that would be like!"

"Personally, I would be interested to see how Century would smurf playing the role of Robin Smurf," Narrator said, pondering. "There's just something about him that smurfs he's the right kind of player for this part."

"I'd bet," Poet snorted. "If he's anything like his brother, he would be constantly admiring himself while on stage."

"Then who would you suggest should smurf the role of Robin Smurf, then?" Narrator asked.

"I honestly don't know, Narrator," Poet said. "But I do imagine Brainy Smurf as Prince John, Hefty Smurf as Little John, and Smurfette as Maid Marian. The other players will have to be smurfed for their appropriateness in the roles when we start smurfing the casting."

"Why do we need to have serious actors smurfing in the cast, Poet?" Narrator said.

"If we truly want this played to be smurfed seriously, then we need serious actors, Narrator," Poet insisted.

"I was just thinking...maybe Clumsy could be the Sheriff of Smurfingham," Narrator said.

"Clumsy as the Sheriff?" Poet said, rolling his eyes. "Oh, please!"

"Or Lazy and Sloppy as the prince's guards along with Tracker...or Greedy as Friar Tuck...or Harmony as Will Scarlet...or Jokey as King Richard," Narrator suggested.

"Narrator, this story isn't a comedy!" Poet said. "I'm not going to have it be treated as one!"

"It's not like we have a lot of options for possible actors, Poet," Narrator said. "There's only like a hundred Smurfs in the village."

"We'll find the actors, me," Poet said insistently.

Narrator sighed. "Now you smurf our problem, Century. If you are able to smurf the part of Robin Smurf, we would be more than willing to accept you."

"Well, thank you anyway, Narrator," Century said. "At least it will smurf me something to think about."

Just then Tapper came by with a round of drinks for Poet and Narrator. "So how goes the play that you two Smurfs have been smurfing on?"

"It should be all set for Papa Smurf to review, Tapper," Narrator said.

"And if he says that it's ready for us to smurf, then we'll be smurfing up the players," Poet said.

"Ah, that's just very smurfy to hear," Tapper said, smiling. "What I wouldn't give to see myself smurfing on stage playing any of the parts, but alas, I have my tavern to run and my patrons to keep happy. I'll just have to settle for smurfing it with the rest of the audience."

"That would be a shame there, Tapper, because I could imagine you smurfing the part of Will Scarlet," Poet said.

"Tapper as Will Scarlet?" Narrator said. "Now that would truly be interesting."

"You should hear him sing sometime, Narrator," Poet said.

"Now that you mention it, maybe we could have Marco and Miner as Prince John's guards along with Tracker," Narrator said.

"I'm sure you'll smurf all the right actors for your theatrical masterpiece, my fellow Smurfs," Tapper said. He then turned to Century. "You think that you might smurf a part in this production, my friend?"

"Oh, how could I not?" Century said. "I'm already raring to smurf the lead role as Robin Smurf!"

"Robin Smurf, eh?" Tapper said. "If you're that ambitious about it, I'm sure that you'll smurf the part sooner or later."

As Century walked Smurfette home to her house, she was surprised to hear word about the Robin Smurf play.

"Oooh, that just smurfs me goosebumps," Smurfette said. "I could already imagine myself playing Maid Marian. She is just so beautiful and smart, like I picture her being in the book. I would be Maid Marian in a heartsmurf just to be close to Robin Smurf."

"Well, how would you feel if I was the one playing Robin Smurf?" Century asked.

"You as Robin Smurf?" Smurfette answered. "Oh, I think you would smurf the part perfectly. I feel that you're so brave and handsome and willing to fight for the Smurf that you love."

"Yes, but what if my brother should smurf the part instead of me?" Century asked.

"Oh, Vanity is nothing like you, Century," Smurfette said. "He is just as handsome as you, but I don't think he could ever be so brave enough to rescue Maid Marian. Are you worried that you won't smurf the part?"

"Don't be silly, Smurfette," Century said. "Why would I not smurf the part of Robin Smurf? It's a chance of a lifetime, and I'm going to smurf it with everything I have."

Smurfette giggled. "With that attitude, you will certainly be a smurf-in for the role." She and Century have now reached the door to her house. "Anyway, thanks for smurfing me home, Century. I enjoyed smurfing with you and hearing about how things are smurfing with you."

"Oh, it's a real pleasure, Smurfette," Century said. "Goodnight and have pleasant dreams."

As Century watched Smurfette go into her house to get ready for bed, Vanity watched and listened to the whole thing between his brother and Smurfette. "The role of Robin Smurf? Why, that is the role that I always wanted," he said to himself. "And if Century thinks he's going to smurf the role before me, then he's got another smurf coming, because I'm the true actor, and he is just a copy. He's going to wish he never thought of smurfing out of that mirror!"

Already Vanity was thinking of how he was going to get the role.

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Part 4

The next day, Papa Smurf had Harmony summon every Smurf around the speaking mushroom for a very important announcement.

"My dear little Smurfs, Poet and Narrator have just finished smurfing the script for our play, 'The Adventures Of Robin Smurf And His Merry Smurfs'," he stated. "We will soon start casting for players and smurfing rehearsals and preparations for the show."

This made the other Smurfs cheer, except for Grouchy. "I hate plays," he said.

"Handy, we're going to need you to design backdrops and stage props for the play," Papa Smurf said. "Use whatever Smurfs you feel can smurf you a hand."

"You got it, Papa Smurf," Handy said.

"Tailor, your job will be to design the costumes for all the actors in the play," Papa Smurf said.

"Don't worry about that, Papa Smurf," Tailor said.

"Duncan, you will be in charge of smurfeographing the sword fights," Papa Smurf said.

"You can count on me, Papa Smurf," Duncan said.

"I'll leave Poet and Narrator in charge of directing the play and selecting the actors," Papa Smurf said. "I expect you all to smurf them your full cooperation if you are part of the production, and most importantly, to have fun smurfing it. That will be all."

Most of the Smurfs cheered again, except for Grouchy. "I hate smurfing fun in plays," he said.

Brainy felt a bit upset that Papa Smurf had left him out of his announcement. "Papa Smurf!" he called out, getting the village leader's attention. "I was just wondering why, of all the Smurfs you smurfed in charge of the play's production, you smurfed nothing about me. Wasn't I the one who suggested that this classic adventure tale be smurfed into a theatrical production? Shouldn't I be in charge of anything?"

"I'm sorry that you were left out, Brainy, but Poet and Narrator had smurfed so hard on smurfing the book into a play, that I felt it was necessary to smurf them in charge of its direction," Papa Smurf said.

"What?!? That isn't fair!" Brainy griped. "I'm the one who made the suggestion, so it smurfs to reason that I should be the one who has a greater smurf in how this production smurfs. After all, I do have talent and vision when it comes to smurfing theatrical productions, and my acting and directorial smurfs are totally unsurpassed among my own fellow Smurfs, and it does smurf to mention that..."

"Poet and Narrator have specifically requested that you would be perfect for smurfing the part of Prince John in this production, Brainy," Papa Smurf said, interrupting Brainy.

"What further indignity I must suffer for this, Papa Smurf," Brainy said, his tone not changing. "Not only do I not smurf any charge of anything in this production, but now I'm requested to smurf the part of a villain. I would never smurf so low as to ever portray myself as a tyrant, whether in a theatrical production or..."

"You do remember what happened when I left the village to smurf some wrinkle root some time ago, don't you?" Papa Smurf said, again interrupting Brainy.

Brainy soon had a look of recollection upon his face. "Ohhh...when I was King Smurf. Oh, very well, Papa Smurf, if they insist that I should smurf the role of an evil villain, then I will smurf that role with all the authenticity and passion that smurfs with the role."

"Yes, Brainy, I'm sure you'll smurf the role just fine," Papa Smurf said with a heavy sigh.

And soon Smurfs were lining up near the Smurf Theater to audition for the various parts in the play. Smurfette voicing the lines of Maid Marian was simply a natural and she was cast in that part. Hefty voiced the lines of the character Little John and was cast in that part. Greedy voiced the lines of Friar Tuck while eating one of his desserts and was cast in that part. Harmony voiced the lines of Will Scarlet and was cast in that part. Jokey voiced the lines of King Richard and was cast in that part. Clumsy made some goofs voicing the lines of the Sheriff of Smurfingham, but nevertheless was cast in that part. Tracker, Sloppy, and Lazy voiced the lines of Prince John's guards and were cast in those parts. Several other Smurfs voiced the lines of the peasants and were cast in those parts.

Then came Century's turn to voice the lines of Robin Smurf. His brother Vanity was standing behind him when he noticed something. "You look like you're a little tense, brother," Vanity said.

"Me, nervous?" Century said. "Well, it feels like my first time smurfing on this stage doing an acting job. I don't think that I can smurf my lines well."

"Oh, fiddlesmurfs,'ll smurf the part just fine," Vanity said. "Here, let me straighten out your hat a bit." He pulled the flower out of his own hat and placed it on the right side of Century's hat while pulling out the flower on the left side of the hat. "Now you smurf like you're ready for the stage."

"Oh, thank you, brother," Century said, smiling as he went on the stage and received the sheet that contained the lines he was supposed to say.

"All right, Vanity, smurf it away," Narrator said as he and Poet sat in the audience seats, ready to listen to the audition.

Century didn't know why they called him Vanity, but went ahead with the rehearsal. "'Unhand that fair maiden, you smurfy knave, before I smurf you a taste of my blade,'" he said with all the passion he could put into that line.

Narrator turned to Poet. "What do you think?"

"Hmmm," Poet said, "it's very convincing, but I would like to hear how Century would deliver those lines."

"Okay, Vanity, we'll smurf in touch with you when you get the part," Narrator said.

"But I'm not...," Century began to say.

"NEXT!" one of the Smurfs shouted.

Century sighed as he went off the stage and handed Vanity the sheet to read the lines from. He didn't notice that his brother was now wearing the flower on the other side of his hat in the way he normally would.

"'Unhand that fair maiden, you smurfy knave, before I smurf you a taste of my blade'," Vanity recited the same line.

Narrator looked at Vanity rather puzzled. "Is this really how Century sounds as an actor?"

"It doesn't sound very heroic to me, Narrator," Poet said. "It's more like he's a lover than a fighter."

"That's somewhat disappointing," Narrator said. He then turned his attention to Vanity. "You may smurf off the stage now, Century. We'll let you know if you have the part."

"Oh, well, thanks anyway," Vanity said, sounding a little disappointed. But after he left the stage, he was snickering.

"Let's see if Century really smurfs the part now," he said to himself.

Later on at Tapper's Tavern, Smurfette talked with Century. "So do you think you'll smurf the part of Robin Smurf?" she asked.

"I smurfed the audition the best that I could, Smurfette," Century said. "My brother was also smurfing for the same part. I don't know if it will either be him or me."

"I honestly can't see Vanity smurfing the role that you want to smurf, Century," Smurfette said. "There just isn't anything about him that smurfs to me that he wants to be a hero."

"But it smurfs like it will end up being in his favor, anyway...just like everything else in this village," Century said.

"Oh, Century, don't smurf so hard on yourself," Smurfette said. "I know that you're a mirror copy, but something tells me you're not the same Smurf that Vanity is. If you're better suited for the role of Robin Smurf, then I'm certain that you'll smurf it with no problem."

"You really think so, Smurfette?" Century asked.

"It would be a pleasure for me to smurf the role of Maid Marian beside you, Century," Smurfette said, smiling. And then she noticed something. "Are you wearing one of Vanity's hats?"

"Uh, no, Smurfette, this is my own hat," Century said.

"Well, I could be mistaken, because normally I would smurf your flower on the left side of your hat," Smurfette commented.

"Left side?" Century wondered. And then his hand touched the right side of his hat and noticed it. "Heavens to Smurfatroid, you're right. What's this doing on the other side of my hat?"

"Maybe it's just an accident when you were smurfing yourself this morning," Smurfette suggested.

"I don't remember smurfing the flower on the right side of my..." Century's voice trailed off as he realized something.

"What is it, Century?" Smurfette asked.

"When I was smurfing for my audition, Vanity was straightening out my hat, and that must have been when...," Century said.

"Oh no!" Smurfette said, interrupting Century as she knew what took place.

Just then, Vanity had just entered the tavern. "Good news, my fellow Smurfs! I have just smurfed the part of Robin Smurf!"

This made the Smurfs in the tavern cheer and congratulate Vanity...except for Century and Smurfette, who just glared at him with suspicion.

Vanity walked over to Century's table. "Well, hello there, brother. I'm sorry to inform you that the producers of the play couldn't use you for the production. They said that your performance was not...uh, smurfy enough."

"Hmmm...well, I wonder how in the world you could ever smurf that part, knowing whose performance was being smurfed," Century said with some suspicion.

"It simply comes to smurfing natural talent for acting, Century, which I can see you lack," Vanity said. "But don't smurf so hard on yourself. After all, it's not your fault that you're smurfed into my world as a copy of me."

"Ooooh...I am so sick of you calling me a copy, Vanity," Century said with a bit of anger in his voice.

"Get used to it, brother, because that's all you are in this village...a copy of me," Vanity said proudly.

Century suddenly stood up from his seat. "YOU'RE THE ONE WHO'S A COPY, VANITY!" he shouted.

"Please, my fellow Smurfs, let's not smurf into a fight in my tavern," Tapper said, trying to separate the two Smurfs. "How about we settle down and I will smurf you a few drinks to help you relax?"

"That won't be necessary, Tapper, because I'm leaving," Century said as he headed toward the door.

"Vanity Smurf, you should be ashamed of yourself smurfing that to your own brother," Smurfette fumed.

"Really, Smurfette, you should know by now that Century is just a...," Vanity began to say.

"I don't want to hear it!" Smurfette followed after Century as he left the tavern. "Century, where are you going?" she asked.

"I don't know, Smurfette, but anywhere that doesn't remind me that I'm a stranger in my own village," Century said.

"You have a right to smurf in this village just as much as Vanity does," Smurfette said.

"Vanity is right, Smurfette," Century said. "I am just a copy of him, and I don't belong here at all. I belong inside the mirror, which I can't smurf back inside. I was never meant to smurf anything but be his reflection."

"You don't know that, Century," Smurfette said. "You'll find your place and your home among us, just like I have."

"Sorry, Smurfette, but I can't call this village home anymore," Century said as he walked off into the night, leaving Smurfette feeling very sad.

Century was at his house packing up his things when he received a knock on his door. It was Papa Smurf.

"I know how disappointed you are that you didn't smurf the part of Robin Smurf, Century, but you can't just leave the village simply because of some role in a production that you couldn't smurf," Papa Smurf said.

"Papa Smurf, I truly don't belong in this village," Century said. "I belong back in the mirror where I smurfed from."

"I'm afraid I don't know how I can smurf you back inside the mirror, Century," Papa Smurf said.

"There's got to be some way in one of your magic books, isn't there?" Century asked.

"Let's say that you could smurf back into the mirror," Papa Smurf said. "Would you truly be happy just being a reflection of Vanity again?"

Century thought about that for a moment. "I really don't know, Papa Smurf. I just don't like being consmurfly reminded by Vanity that I'm simply a copy of him."

"Vanity is probably jealous because you're starting to exhibit traits that he only wishes he could smurf, Century," Papa Smurf said.

"You're probably right, Papa Smurf," Century said. "I honestly don't feel like an exact copy of Vanity Smurf anymore. And what's strange is that I'm starting to like being a bit different from my brother."

"That's why I wouldn't think you'd be happier smurfing back into the mirror, Century," Papa Smurf said. "You would lose everything that makes you separate and unique from your brother Vanity."

"I still miss having everything the way it was, Papa Smurf," Century said. "Nobody in this village would ever miss me if I smurfed back into the mirror."

"Honestly, I would miss you, Century," Papa Smurf said. "Your being here has smurfed more changes to the Smurfs in this village than you would ever know. They will wonder if they would ever smurf you again if you smurfed back inside the mirror."

"So you still believe that I have a place in this village, among your Smurfs?" Century asked.

"I believe that you will still find your place here, Century, and this will be your home, and the Smurfs in it to be your Smurfs as well," Papa Smurf said. "I'll see if there's a way that I can smurf you back inside the mirror if that's what you still want. But I want you to smurf some time to think before you make that decision, because that decision may be irreversible."

"Yes, Papa Smurf, I understand," Century said as he nodded with acceptance.

The next morning, Century paid a visit to Biscotti's bakery for his usual breakfast croissant and acorn brew.

"Hey, if it isn't my favorite new customer, the Smurf of the century," Biscotti pleasantly greeted. "How's it smurfing?"

"I wish I can say I am smurfing fine, but I didn't get the part of Robin Smurf because of my brother," Century said as he received his croissant and acorn brew.

"Aw, that's too bad," Biscotti said. "I was hoping that you would be smurfing the role of Robin Smurf because something about you says you'd be better smurfing the role of the hero than Vanity."

"My brother got the part because he made the producers think that I was Vanity and he was Century," Century said.

"Oh, what a dirty trick he smurfed on you," Biscotti said. "I knew Vanity was conceited, but I wouldn't think he would smurf so low as to smurf his to his own brother."

"But I'm not really a brother to him, Biscotti," Century said. "I'm just a mere copy of him, as if he could treat me however he wants."

"That is not an excuse," Biscotti said. "You earned that part, and he smurfed it away from you. You should let the other Smurfs know about it."

"How would they ever believe me?" Century said. "Most of them would just see me as nothing more than a copy of Vanity."

"Truthfully, I wouldn't know how you could prove that you're more than just a copy," Biscotti said. "But somewhere along the line, the other Smurfs will know. If there's something about you that's different from him that he knows he himself lacks, he's going to smurf to you for your help."

" my backsmurfing brother?" Century snorted. "I would rather smurf a toad than do that!"

Biscotti sighed. "Maybe it was foolish for me to believe that you were anything different from Vanity. If that's how you want to treat him, then that's your decision. But that to me would prove that you are just a copy of him."

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Cool! I love that episode!

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