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» Smurf Forum » Tuffy VS Jokey
Author Topic: Tuffy VS Jokey
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Icon 1 posted 04-15-2009 05:14 PM      Profile for Ruffette       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
this story is about tuffy being jealous of jokey

Ruffette sits in Jokeys house laughing out loud at one of his jokes. For a while Jokey has had a crush on Ruffette. She peers over at Jokey. He appears to be writing something down. Ruffette peaks over his shoulder. He’s doodling little hearts all over the sheet of paper. She giggles before smacking him upside the head playfully.
Tuffy steps in he sees the paper and snatches it from Jokey. Tuffy takes a look at it. He scowls at Jokey. “Your after my girl” Tuffy grumbles. “Calm down babe it’s not like I like him back.” Ruffette says coming to the rescue.
The next morning Ruffette woke up to shouting. She peeked out her window. She saw Jokey in a heap on the ground holding his nose, Tuffy was swinging his fist while Hefty tried to hold him back from swinging at Jokey. She ran over to Jokey. “Are you hurt” Ruffette questions. “just a nose bleed” Jokey groans. “What happened” she asked. “Tuffys mad because I have a crush on you” Jokey whimpered. Ruffette helps him up. She wraps her arms around him for a tight hug. “I’ll try to reason with him” Ruffette tells him. “thanks” Jokey says. A small smile grew on his face. His cheeks slowly became pink.
Ruffette walks towards Tuffy. “What’s wrong with you!” Ruffette demands. He just looks at her. “Stop ignoring me! What problem do you have with Jokey!” Ruffette shouted at him. “What problem” Tuffy says crossly. “me and Jokey are just friends” ruffette says. “sure you are” tuffy says sarcastically. “you can be such a jerk!” ruffette says as she shoves him about 3 smurf feet away. “don’t speak to me, ever” Ruffette adds as she runs towards her home with tears in her eyes.
Smurfette saw the whole scene. She walked to Ruffettes mushroom house. Ruffette hears a knock on her door “GO AWAY Tuffy! She shouts. “its me” Smurfette whispers. “I guess you can come in” Ruffette answers. Smurfette takes a look at the scene. Ruffette is kneeling beside her bed with her mascara running down her face. “Did tuffy break up with you?” smurfette asks softly. “No I broke up with him” Ruffette whimpered. “b-but I thought you loved him” smurfette cooed. “I do love him” Ruffette answered. “then why . . .” “Because I don’t want Jokey to get hurt again.” Ruffette interrupts. Smurfette sits down next to ruffette.
The next day the only smurfs who would talk to Ruffette were the smurfling, Papa Smurf, and Jokey. Ruffette tried to talk with Hefty but he just scowled at her and walked away. Even Handy was cross with her. When she passed grouchy she heard him mumble something about hating heartbreakers. ‘Why has he turned the whole village against me’ Ruffette thinks to herself.
She walks up to tuffy angrily. “How could you sink so low to turn all my friends against me!” Ruffette demands. “I thought you weren’t speaking to me ever” Tuffy replies. “after all I am a jerk” Tuffy adds. “well you sure acted like one” Ruffette grumbles rolling her eyes skyward. Tuffy takes one look at Ruffette before walking away.
Ruffette spots some smurfs playing smurfball. She rushed over to play with them. “hey can I play too” She asks. “I don’t know if we want a backstabber to play” Hefty responded. “B-but” Ruffette says. Everysmurf scowled at her.
About a week has passed by since the end of ‘ruffette-and-tuffy’. “I need to talk to you Ruffette” Tuffy says. “what are you just gonna make everting worse” Ruffette mumbles. “No” Tuffy answered. “Look I’m sorry that I dumped you” Ruffette said. “I should be the one apologizing.” Tuffy whispered. “you were right I am being a jerk” Tuffy adds. Ruffette nods her head.
“I miss you” Tuffy admitted. Ruffette looks at him. ‘I wonder what his lips must taste like’ Ruffette wonders. She smacks herself at the thought. He looks straight at her and as if he could read her mind he pulled her close and pressed his lips up to hers and kissed her softly. “It’s okay if Jokey’s got a crush on you” Tuffy says. Ruffette smiles at him.
“I saw that you and Tuffy are back together” Jokey says sadly. “I was hoping you and me could . . . go out sometime” He adds. “Jokey your really sweet but I just want to be friendsand I’m with Tuffy” Ruffette replied she spotted tuffy looking in their direction. When tuffy lookes away she leaned over and kissed jokeys cheek gently. His cheeks suddenly had tinges of pink in them.

[Enamored Smurf]

Ben eats bunnies...

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Very cute story, Sammy! [Sassette Smurfling] [Enamored Smurf]

Keep on always smurfin'!!

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Icon 1 posted 04-15-2009 11:24 PM      Profile for Raven Child   Author's Homepage   Send New Private Message       Edit/Delete Post   Reply With Quote  Post A Reply
That's a sweet little story, Sammy, great job [Smile]

"The Raven Child" website:

"Tales of Mytherwrel" facebook page:

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