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Sony PlayStation The Smurfs - The Smurfs
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The Smurfs

The Smurfs for Sony PlayStation.

The Smurfs. The Smurfs are back and better than ever - this time in 3D! Baby Smurf has been delivered to the village by the stork - but Baby soon gets kidnapped along with nine other Smurfs! The game is made up of two parts and it gets harder as you go along. The first part ("It's a piece of cake") is basically an introduction to the game, designed to teach you how to control Hefty Smurf and interact with the 3D environment. The second part ("It's no picnic") continues the story - but this time it's harder as you try to rescue the kidnapped Smurfs. The levels are more difficult as you try to free the Smurfs and defeat their enemies! The Smurfs Instruction Manual. For use with the Sony PlayStation. From 1999. Licensed by IMPS. Released by Infogrames. Serial #SLUS-01008.

>> Sony PlayStation The Smurfs
The Smurfs Game Art

The Smurfs for Sony PlayStation.

The Smurfs Game Art. The story for this game is as follows: One night, a stork flew over the Smurfs Village carrying a strange package in its beak. It left the package in front of one of the houses, knocked on the door, and flew away. Early the next morning, Hefty woke up to discover the mysterious package on his doorstep. When he opened it, he found himself face-to-face with Baby Smurf. The news spread through the village like wildfire and soon all the Smurfs had gathered to admire the new baby. Hefty went off in search of toys and baby bottles for Baby Smurf. Meanwhile...Mean old Gargamel, hungry for revenge, found a spell to summon an army of little servants in his wizard's book. A few abracadabras later and there they were: astonishingly servile and particularly stupid little creatures. Proud of his obedient army, who, like their master, detested the Smurfs, Gargamel ordered them to capture the Baby Smurf and nine other Smurfs. Once captured, they were taken to opposite ends of the forest to lure the remaining Smurfs to come rescue them. Upon his return to the village, Hefty learned the sad news and set off to find his friends and teach Gargamel a lesson. Now you will help Hefty Smurf oh his great adventure to save the missing Smurfs! A Smurfs picture from the CD case. For use with the Sony Play Station. From 1999. Licensed by IMPS. Released by Infogrames. Serial #SLUS-01008.

>> Sony PlayStation The Smurfs
The Smurfs Game Case

The Smurfs for Sony PlayStation.

The Smurfs Game Case. Gamers can choose from any of the following levels in the "It's a piece of cake" menu: Smurf Village - meet the other Smurfs as you explore the village; The Forest - meet Smurfette and a cuddly rabbit; A Ski Run - do somersaults as you dash down the mountain; Mole Race - race against a mole on a dragonfly's tack; The Mine - explore a mine; Iceland - journey through the ice; and The Haunted Castle - explore a castle haunted by some funny ghosts. You also have to remember to care for Baby Smurf by giving him the rattles and baby bottles you'll pick up as you play the game. The Smurfs Backside of the Case. For use with the Sony PlayStation. From 1999. Licensed by IMPS. Released by Infogrames. Serial #SLUS-01008.

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