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Smurf View-Master - View-Master Smurf Theatre
>> Smurf View-Master
View-Master Smurf Theatre

Smurf View-Master.

View-Master Smurf Theatre. The View-Master Smurf Theatre comes complete with a projector and Smurf reels! Shhh... lights out and let's enjoy a Smurfy adventure! From the 1980's. Made by View-Master Brand.

>> Smurf View-Master
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Deluxe Gift Canister - Smurf View-Master Set

Smurf View-Master.

Deluxe Gift Canister - Smurf View-Master Set. Smurfy edition of a classic childhood toy! Since 1939, View-Master has been delivering "3-D" fun to kids of all ages. Simply place a reel in the viewer and look at the Smurfy pictures. Just click the side lever to change the picture. Each reel tells a story! From 1982. Made by View-Master.

>> Smurf View-Master
New View-Master Smurfs Time Capsule Set

Smurf View-Master.

New View-Master Smurfs Time Capsule Set. Take a trip back in time with the Smurfs. The Smurfs Time Capsule is the best way to enjoy classic Smurf 3-D images. It contains a specially painted Smurfs retro 3D viewer and 3 reels. This set tells the Traveling Smurf story. Traveling Smurf was a determined little Smurf who leaves Smurfland to smurf the world - against Papa Smurf's advice. Featuring evil Garagamel, his cat Azrael, and all the friendly Smurfs. From 2004. Made by Mattel under Fisher-Price.

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