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Sideshow Smurfs, The Smurfs - Baby Smurf
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Sideshow Smurfs

Smurf Video

Sideshow Smurfs. This Smurf video features four cartoon episodes: The Purple Smurfs, Haunted Smurf, Spelunking Smurfs and The Smurfs and the Money Tree. From 1981. Running time is 74 minutes. PAL [UK / Europe / Asia / Australia] format VHS Smurf video.

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The Smurfs - Papa's Worrywarts and Lazy's Slumber Party

Smurf Video

The Smurfs - Papa's Worrywarts and Lazy's Slumber Party. This Smurf video features two cartoon episodes. In Papa's Worrywarts, "Papa Smurf's worries make him break into a rash of worrywarts. The only way to relieve him of these is to have him rub the horn of a Wartmonger, who is a sloppy, slimy, stupid and brutal enemy of the Pussywillow Pixies." In Lazy's Slumber Party, "Poor Lazy! All he wants is a good night's rest. But it's no good, all the Smurfs throw a party for him. What's more, he gets dragged into a silly argument about painting giant Bigmouth's toes a bright tangerine red... A long sleepless night for tired Lazy Smurf!" From 1989. Running time is 49 minutes. Video Collection Int Ltd. PAL [UK / Europe / Asia / Australia] format VHS Smurf video.

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The Smurfs - Baby Smurf

Smurf Video

The Smurfs - Baby Smurf. Features 3 Smurftastic stories! The smurfy shows featuring Baby Smurf are: 1) The Baby Smurf, 2) A Pet for Baby Smurf, and 3) Grandpa's Fountain of Youth. From 2000. Running time is 40 minutes. Contender Entertainment Group. PAL [UK / Europe / Asia / Australia] format VHS Smurf video.

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