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Pussywillow Pixies, The Smurfs - Lazy's Slumber Party
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Pussywillow Pixies

Smurf Video

Pussywillow Pixies. Another great "fully animated" Smurf video. In this Smurf episode, Clumsy Smurf gets lost in Pussywillow Hollow and his rescuers are led into un-smurf like danger when they meet the evil Wartmongers. Running time is 30 minutes. From 1990. Made by Hanna-Barbera Productions Inc. Licensed by Kid Klassic. NTSC [USA/Canada/Japan] format VHS Smurf video.

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The Smurfs - Lazy's Slumber Party

Smurf Video

The Smurfs - Lazy's Slumber Party. This Smurf videotape features five smurfy stories: Lazy's Slumber Party, The Gingerbread Smurfs, The Memory Melon, Smurf Box Derby, Secret of the Village Well. PolyGram Video. PAL [UK/Europe/Asia/Australia] format VHS Smurf video.

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The Golden Smurf Award

Smurf Video

The Golden Smurf Award. This Smurf videotape features three cartoon episodes: The Golden Smurf Award, The Chief Record Smurf and Good Neighbour Smurf. THE GOLDEN SMURF AWARD - Brainy Smurf has an idea... a competition to establish which Smurf has contributed most to the world of Smurf - the prize being the Golden Smurf Award. However, everything goes terribly wrong when the wicked witch Hogatha disguises herself as the award in order to catch some Smurfs to put into her beauty cream! THE CHIEF RECORD SMURF - While Papa Smurf is experimenting on his invisibility formula, Clumsy causes an explosion and is knocked out. When he wakes up, he finds his memory is fantastic! Gargamel discovers Clumsy's secret and sets out to capture him to get hold of the invisibility formula for himself! GOOD NEIGHBOUR SMURF - When Brainy's house burns down, his fellow Smurfs invite him to stay whilst his house is being re-built. But Brainy cannot resist meddling in the other Smurfs' business and causes havoc. Knowing he is not wanted, Brainy leaves. But he proves his worth when he rescues Papa Smurf and his friends. Lollipop Video. Running time is 47 minutes. PAL [UK / Europe / Asia / Australia] format VHS Smurf video.

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