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Roll of Smurfette Stickers, Single Smurf Stickers
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Roll of Smurfette Stickers

Smurf Stickers.

Roll of Smurfette Stickers. Smurfette carries colorful balloons and says "Be Happy". This giant roll of Smurf stickers is from old store stock that was never sold back in the 80s. (c) Peyo. From the 1980's.

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Single Smurf Stickers

Smurf Stickers.

Single Smurf Stickers. Here are 11 different Smurf stickers that were torn off from individual rolls of stickers: 1) "Have You Hugged Your Smurf Today?" Smurf on a Log, 2) "Good Work" Student Smurf at Desk, 3) "I Hate Smoking" Grouchy Smurf, 4) Smurfette Slides Down a Rainbow, 5) "S.W.A.K. - smurfed with a kiss" Lovestruck Smurf, 6) "Be Happy" Smurfette Holds Balloons, 7) "Want to Smurf Around?" Lovestruck Smurf with Kisses All Over, 8) "You're The Smurfiest" Papa Smurf Stands on Tree Stump, 9) "Everything is Coming Up Smurfy!" Smurfette with Flowers, 10) "Here's What I Think..." Smurf Giving Raspberries, and 11) "Make Each Day a Blast" Jokey Smurf. (c) Peyo. From the 1980's.

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Good Work Smurf Sticker

Smurf Stickers.

Good Work Smurf Sticker. Student Smurf is sitting at his desk at school doing his arithmetic lessons. Student Smurf is holding up his paper - he earned a gold star! Nice job little buddy! The chalkboard behind him reads, "Good Work". (c) Peyo. From the 1980's.

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