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Smurf Soda - Smurf Pepsi
>> Smurf Soda
Smurf Pepsi

Smurf Soda.

Smurf Pepsi. The Smurfs love soda pop! Pepsi-Cola teamed up with The Smurfs to create a series of Smurf Pepsi in Italy back in the 1980s. It was called Pepsi Puffi (Puffi is Italian for Smurfs). Each can of Pepsi featured the classic Pepsi logo plus a different Smurf. That was very smurfy soda!

Most cans were given a unique number (N1 to N15), but some cans did not have a number. For example, both the Papa Smurf Pepsi and the Soccer Smurf Pepsi cans did not have a number. The Smurf soda can above reads, "N 5 Collezione Pepsi Puffi" and features Handy Smurf in red coveralls. Each tin of Smurf Pepsi holds 330ML and is dated 1983. Below is a list of the various Smurfs that have graced the collectable Pepsi Smurf cans.

Smurf Pepsi Series
N1 Shiver Smurf Smurf shivering in the cold wearing a red scarf
N2 Baseball Smurf Smurf sports a red shirt while walking with a baseball bat and mitt slung over his shoulder
** Papa Smurf Papa with his hands on his hips wearing his red clothes and a big smile! (not numbered)
N4 Bike Smurf Smurf looks back as he rides his yellow bike
N5 Handy Smurf Handy sets to work with a nail in his mouth and carries a wrench and hammer
N6 Fishing Smurf Smurf has a fishing pole with a big hook on the end
N7 Handstand Smurf Smurf shows off doing a handstand
** Soccer Smurf AKA Footballer Smurf kicks a soccer ball (not numbered)
N9 Flower Smurf Smurf happily walks with a red flower in hand
N10 Happy Smurf Smurf proudly stands with outstretched hands, as if to say, Ta Da!
N11 Smurfette Rollerskater Smurfette glides in red rollerskates with a matching red dress
N12 Super Spy Smurf The masked Smurf is a superhero with his red cape
N13 Dreamy Smurf Smurf gazes at the stars with his telescope
N14 Greedy Smurf Smurf licks his lips in anticipation of eating his delicious dessert
N15 Rollerskate Smurf Smurf zips along on his rollerskates

>> Smurf Soda
Smurf Coca-Cola

Smurf Soda.

Smurf Coca-Cola. It's Smurf soda pop from around the world! Here is a cute ad featuring Smurf balancing a stack of Smurf Soda bottle caps. In Europe, Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite and Kinley all presented a series of collectible Smurf bottle caps back in the 1970s. Each bottle cap featured a different Smurf picture on the inside of the cap. This ad reads, "Verzamel de kroontjes Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Kinley" (which translates to Collect the crowns of Coca-Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Kinley). Smurf Coca-Cola / Smurf Fanta / Smurf Sprite / Smurf Kinley. Smurfen Viltje Coca Cola.

>> Smurf Soda

Fanta & Coca-Cola Smurf Bottle Caps
Fanta & Coca-Cola Smurf Bottle Caps


Even More!
Even More!

Smurf Soda.

Smurf Bottle Caps. To celebrate the Olympic Games in the 1970s, Coca-Cola partnered with The Smurfs to create collectible bottle caps for its soda pop. The Smurfs are featured on the inside of the bottle caps. Each cap highlights a different Smurf participating in various Olympics Sports. You never knew which Smurf you would get until you popped the cap open. What a smurfy surprise! Smurf Bottle Caps for Coca-Cola and Fanta from Belgium are pictured above.

There are many different Coca-Cola Smurf bottle caps to collect. Look at the bottle cap with Smurf juggling the Olympic rings! Some of the Olympic Sports featured on the bottle caps include: Smurfette Gymnastics, Smurf Discus-Throwing, Smurf Long-Jumper, Smurf Sprinters, Smurf Weightlifter, Smurf High-Jumper, Skiing Smurf, and Smurf Pommel-Horse. There is even a Smurfette Mermaid! The bottle cap featuring Karate Smurf defeating a BIG opponent is also quite amusing!

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