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Smurf Posters - Smurfland Poster by National
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Smurfland Poster by National

Smurf Poster.

Smurfland Poster by National. Look at all of The Smurfs doing their smurfy thing in Smurfland! The Smurf poster reads, "National welcomes you to Smurfland". This promotional poster shows Smurf figurines living and playing in Smurfland. There is so much to see... musical Smurfs marching up the winding path, Super Smurf flying above the mushroom house and even a naughty Smurf in a jail! The petrol company National distributed Smurf figures back in the 1980s and this poster was used for advertising. The Smurf poster measures 27 x 19 inches. From 1981.

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Be a Smurf Collector Poster

Smurf Poster.

Be a Smurf Collector Poster. Along with a friendly Smurf Clown, this Smurf poster shows 172 Smurf figures plus accessories! Each and every Smurf figure is named. It reads, "Here we are every one of us! Smurfs are fun!! Be a Smurf Collector!" The bottom of the poster gives the SMURF name for various countries: SCHTROUMPF, SCHLUMPF, SMURF, PITUFO, PUFFO, SMURFEN, SMURFAR, SMURFFI, SMOLF, STRUMPURINN. The Smurf poster measures 16.5 by 22 inches. Made by Schleich and distributed by GANZBROS. From the 1980s.

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Happy Valentine's Day! Smurf Poster from Lundi Magazine

Smurf Poster.

Happy Valentine's Day! Smurf Poster from Lundi Magazine. Bonne St-Valentin a tous les petits. Smurf is giving his sweetheart, Smurfette a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Smurfette looks so very pleased and happy! Love is in the air with these Smurf sweethearts! This is a free Smurf poster that came inside the French Magizine "Lundi - Le Magazine Familial". Measures 8 x 11 inches.

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