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Smurf Party Supplies - Smurf Party Invitations
>> Smurf Party Supplies
Happy Smurfday - Smurf Party Pak

The Smurfs Party Pack.

Happy Smurfday - Smurf Party Pak. Have a Smurf party and invite all of your friends! The Smurf party package consists of 8 settings of Smurf party items: 8 Smurf Cups, 8 Smurf Plates, 8 Smurf Napkins and 1 Large Paper Smurf Tablecloth. The Smurf party decorations show a happy Smurf holding a yummy birthday cake! Made by Unique Industries. (c) Peyo 1982.

Tips for throwing a great SMURF PARTY: There are so many different Smurf items that will help you create a fun Smurf-themed party! Be creative so you and your friends will have a smurfy good time - the possibilites are endless!

SMURF DECORATIONS: Start by decorating the room with a Smurf-theme. There are Smurf Plates, Smurf Cups, Smurf Napkins, Smurf Tablecloths and Centerpieces to decorate your table. Party-goers will love Smurf Balloons, Smurf Party Hats, and Smurf Party Horns. And don't forget that just a few smurfy items will go a long way if you match it with a blue and white color-scheme. For example, solid blue plates or balloons with a simple white tablecloth can set the stage for smurfiness to build on from there with actual Smurf items. The budget-conscious will find a Dollar Store quite helpful!

SMURF BIRTHDAY CAKE: And what about a Smurf birthday cake with Smurf candles on top? Try this yourself or have your local bakery make up a Smurf Cake or Smurfette Cake. Or a really simple idea is to take a regular store bought cake and place plastic Smurf figures on top for decoration. You can also make Smurf cupcakes following the same idea.

SMURF GAMES & PARTY FAVORS: Wondering how you will entertain your guests? Why not play some Smurf games. There are actual Smurf board games to play or create your own Smurf trivia questions. (For example - do you know the name of Gargamel's cat? answer) Have your party-goers win Smurf prizes - anything from Smurf figures, stuffed animals, toys or Smurf pinbacks! You could even play musical chairs using Smurf songs! Or Who can draw the best Smurf? Or acting out the different Smurf characters in Smurf charades... anything smurfy will be fun for everyone. If you follow some of this easy ideas, you can throw a Smurf Party that won't be soon forgotten!

>> Smurf Party Supplies
Smurf Party Invitations

Smurf Party Supplies.

Smurf Party Invitations. You're invited to a Smurfday Party! Each package of Smurf Invitations has 6 cards and 6 mailing envelopes. There are two different designs - one with Postman Smurf and the other with Clown Smurf. Made by Unique Industries. (c) Peyo 1982.

>> Smurf Party Supplies
Smurf Party Favors - Punch Board

Smurf Party Favors.

Smurf Party Favors - Punch Board. This is a Smurf game that you play at parties. Each party-going person simply punches out one of the circluar Smurfs pieces from the punch-board and has to act out what is printed on the back of their card. Great silly smurfy fun for everyone! The Smurf Party Game Punch Board. Made by Unique Industries. (c) Peyo 1982.

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