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Smurf Painting - Unpainted Smurf Magnets
>> Smurf Painting
Smurfette Figure Painting Kit
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Smurf Painting Kit.

Smurfette Figure Painting Kit. "Fun to Collect. Easy to Paint. Safe & Shatter-Resistant." This Smurfette Figure Painting Kit comes with everything a budding artist needs - a brush, paints and unpainted Smurfette figurine! Measures 5.5 inches tall. Made by Avalon. From 1982.

There are several Smurf Figure Painting Kits from the 1980's to collect: Papa Smurf Figure Painting Kit, Smurfette Figure Painting Kit, Brainy Smurf Figure Painting Kit, Jokey Smurf Figure Painting Kit, Grouchy Smurf Figure Painting Kit and Painter Smurf Figure Painting Kit.

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>> Smurf Painting
Unpainted Smurf Magnets
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Smurf Magnets - Ready to Paint.

Unpainted Smurf Magnets. Here are 10 Smurf magnets ready for painting! The magnets are already attched to the back - they just need you to paint the Smurfs! This is a great craft project for children and adults alike! The set includes Gargamel & his cat Azrael, Greedy Smurf with a cake, Jokey Smurf with a present, Chef Smurf with a spoon, Smurfette with a flower, Smurf with a popsicle, Posing Smurfette, Brainy Smurf, Papa Smurf and Happy Smurf.

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>> Smurf Painting
Smurf Magic Painting Sheet
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Smurf Paint Sheet.

Smurf Magic Painting Sheet. Let your little Painter Smurf make some magic with this special Smurf paint and coloring paper! Just add a bit of water to a paint brush and touch the paint on the Smurf activity sheet - then just paint away. Voila! Your very own masterpiece! Made for the National Garage Promotion. From the 1970's.

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