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Smurf Hair Accessories - Traveler Smurf Barrettes
>> Smurf Hair Accessories
Smurf & Smurfette Ponytail Holders
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Smurf Ponytail Holders.

Smurf & Smurfette Ponytail Holders. This pair of Smurf hair elastics will give your hair that smurfy style you are looking for! Smurfette has given Smurf a big kiss! From the line of Smurf hair accessories in the 1980s.
>> Smurf Hair Accessories
Traveler Smurf Barrettes
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Smurf Barrettes.

Traveler Smurf Barrettes. These matching Smurf hair clips are sure to make your hair look smurftastic! The front of the Smurf barrette is made out of plastic and the backing clip is metal. From the line of Smurf hair accessories in the 1980s.
>> Smurf Hair Accessories
Hand-Painted Smurf Bobby Pins
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Smurf Bobby Pins.

Hand-Painted Smurf Bobby Pins. What a lovely set of Smurf bobby pins! There are a total of six different Smurf bobby pins - 2 Skateboard Smurf pins, 2 Biker Smurf pins and 2 Grouchy Smurf pins. This set will give you that smurfy hairstyle that everyone else will be blue with envy over! From the line of Smurf hair clips and accessories in the 1970s and 1980s.
SMURF CLOTHING: T-Shirts, Watches, Buttons & Badges, Purses, Bags, Wallets, Baby Bibs, Clothing, Underwear, Sunglasses, Shoes & Shoelaces, Socks, Mitts, Hats and Belts. SMURF JEWELRY: Rings, Hair Accessories, Perfume, Tattoos, Patches, Pins, Necklaces, Charm Bracelets and Make-up.
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