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Smurf Dixie Cups - Smurf Paper Cup Dispenser
>> Smurf Dixie Cups
Smurf Dixie Cups - Healthful Hints
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Smurf Paper Cups.

Smurf Dixie Cups - Healthful Hints. Here's a box of 200 Smurf Healthful Hints bathroom cups. Each cup has different Smurf designs and a little Smurf caption on it. This is sure to make brushing your teeth smurfy fun! Each paper cup holds 3 oz of liquid. From 1983. Made by Dixie.
>> Smurf Dixie Cups
Smurf Paper Cup Dispenser
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Smurf Paper-Cup Dispenser.

Smurf Paper Cup Dispenser. Ready for a drink? The cup dispenser is a Smurf holding a log with a squirrel on top. The paper cups fit into the log - just pull one out when you're ready for a drink! The green base has suction cups to hold the dispenser in place. Measures 8 inches tall. From 1983. Made by Helm Toy.
>> Smurf Dixie Cups
Smurf "Petites" Dixie-Cups
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Smurf Paper Cups.

Smurf "Petites" Dixie-Cups. Mini packs of Smurf dixie-cups! This is a package of four dixie-cup dispensers. The cups show a happy Smurf and Smurfette with flowers around them. Each cup holds 3 oz of liquid. Made by Dixie.
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