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Smurf Dishes - Plastic Smurf Bowl
>> Smurf Dishes
Melmac Smurf Dishes Set

Smurf Dishes.

Melmac Smurf Dishes Set. An adorable 3 Piece Child's Set of Smurf dishes! The set includes a "Melamine Smurf Plate", a "Melamine Smurf Bowl" and a "Thermoplastic Smurf Mug". The Smurf plate shows a picture of a Smurf with his mouth on fire due to Papa Smurf's addition of spicy pepper! The Smurf bowl shows a happy Smurf going fishing. The Smurf mug shows Smurfs and Smurfette all around! The dishes are made out of unbreakable plastic - great for little people and their spills! The Smurf set comes complete in a sealed box. Made by Deka. (c) Peyo. From the 1980's.

>> Smurf Dishes
Plastic Smurf Bowl

Smurf Dishes.

Plastic Smurf Bowl. What a fun Smurf cereal bowl! The Smurfs bowl features Smurfette cooking for a hungry Smurf and Greedy Smurf chasing after a Smurf who stole his cake! The cute Smurf design is featured twice around the entire bowl. Bright and vivid colors! The plastic Smurf bowl is made by Deka Inc. (c) Peyo. From 1980.

>> Smurf Dishes
Ceramic Smurf Plate - Asleep on the Job

Smurf Dishes.

Ceramic Smurf Plate - Asleep on the Job. This Lazy Smurf is sleeping on the job! The naughty Smurf is laying down beside his work - he should be digging! This porcelain Smurf plate has a fine gold trim around the edge of the plate. (c) Peyo S.E.P.P. - BP Australia 1979.

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