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Smurf Hot Air Balloon Ride, Lazy Smurf in a Hammock
>> Smurf Desktop Wallpaper
Smurf Hot Air Balloon Ride

Smurf Desktop Wallpaper.

Smurf Hot Air Balloon Ride. Whoops... Smurf overboard! Smurf has to keep his friend from falling out of the hot air balloon. Fun Smurf Desktop Background.

Create Smurf desktop wallpaper for your computer with these Smurf images! It's so easy... For Internet Explorer: Right-click on the picture you want to use as your desktop background and then single-click "Set As Background". For FireFox: Right-click on the picture you want to use as your desktop background and then single-click "Set As Desktop Background..." It's that simple to get a Smurf theme on your computer!

>> Smurf Desktop Wallpaper
Lazy Smurf in a Hammock

Smurf Desktop Wallpaper.

Lazy Smurf in a Hammock. Now this is the life! Lazy Smurf relaxes in a hammock on a hot sunny day and takes a nap with a cool drink by his side! The muted colors of the Smurf image are soothing and do not overwhelm your desktop. Tranquility Smurf Desktop Background.

>> Smurf Desktop Wallpaper
Papa Makes Everything Better

Smurf Desktop Wallpaper.

Papa Makes Everything Better. Don't be blue, little Smurf! Papa Smurf consoles a Smurf by placing a comforting hand on his shoulder. Sweet Smurf Desktop Background.

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