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Smurf Cassettes - Four Smurf Cassettes
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Best of Friends THE SMURFS Cassette

Smurf Cassette Tape.

Best of Friends THE SMURFS Cassette. Features many of your favorite Smurf songs. The smurfy song lyrics are included so get ready to sing along with The Smurfs! From 1982. Made by Polydor.

SIDE ONE: Smurfin' All Around The World / Smurf Square Dance / Smurfin' Summertime / Dance with the Reggae Smurf / Smurf Rodeo / Let's Play Another One. SIDE TWO: Follow The Leader / The Best Friend Of All / Believe / If You Come To Smurfing Land / Here's A Smurf, There's A Smurf / Sleep Until The Brand New Day.

>> Smurf Cassettes
Father Abraham in Smurfland Cassette

Smurf Cassette Tape.

Father Abraham in Smurfland Cassette. Here are three different covers for Father Abraham in Smurfland. The Smurf tapes have the same songs, only the coverart is different. Features many of your favorite Smurf songs! So get ready to sing and Smurf some fun! The first Smurf cassette is made by Decca, the second Smurf cassette is the Australian version, and the third Smurf cassette is made by Polydor.

>> Smurf Cassettes
Four Smurf Cassettes

Smurf Cassette Tapes.

Four Smurf Cassettes. The Smurfs Go Pop!, The Smurfs Hits '97, The Smurfs Christmas Party, The Smurfs Go Pop! Again. Features many popular Smurf songs!

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