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Smurfily Ever After Poster, Smurfily Ever After Ad
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A Legend in Their Own Time - The Smurfs

The Smurfs Cartoon Promotion.

A Legend in Their Own Time - The Smurfs. For an all new generation to see! The Smurflings admire a "Mount Rushmore" of Smurfs. Carved into the face of a mountain are the faces of Smurf, Smurfette and Papa Smurf. This wonderful marketing ad features The Smurflings as the new dimension of humor and adventure added to The Smurfs cartoon. The Smurf ad reads, "Plan now to include them in your future - Don't let another generation of Smurf lovers pass you by". A Legend in Their Own Time - The Smurfs Ad from June 1986.

Meet Slouchy Smurfling, Snappy Smurfling, Nat Smurfling and Sassette Smurfling. The Smurflings make up the four Smurf kids (a mischievous bunch of three boys and a little girl) dressed in bright colored clothing... each with a unique smurfy personality!

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Smurfily Ever After Poster

The Smurfs Cartoon Promotion.

Smurfily Ever After Poster. 'Smurfily Ever After' is a special episode of The Smurfs. The story involves Smurfette daydreaming about whom she would like to marry someday... but as The Smurfs help prepare for the wedding of two elf friends (Laconia and Woody), Gargamel threatens to ruin their special day! Children (and adults alike) not only enjoy a story of love but can learn a lot along the way!

The Smurfily Ever After Poster reminds the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences to consider The Smurfs for an "Outstanding Animated Program" Emmy in 1985. Daily Variety writes, "The Smurfs' continues to rank at the head of the kidvid class." Others write, "What sets this children's special apart is the interpretation of signing into the story - Laconia a mute elf is an inspriation." The Smurfs Cartoon Emmy Consideration Promotion from July 15, 1985.

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Smurfily Ever After Ad

The Smurfs Cartoon Promotion.

Smurfily Ever After Ad. The Smurfs are going to a wedding but the evil Gargamel is giving the reception! The ad from 1985 shows an all-new Smurfs Special on a "special night for Valentines". Is that Smurfette getting ready to marry Brainy? That can't possibly happen, can it? Watch the Smurf Special here!

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