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Los Pitufos Card Game, Smurf Swap Cards
>> Smurf Card Game
Los Pitufos Card Game
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Smurf Card Game.

Los Pitufos Card Game. This Smurfs Card Game features all of you favorite Smurf characters! The Smurf Cards are so bright and colorful! Spanish Smurf Card Game.
>> Smurf Card Game
Smurf Card Game
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Smurf Card Game.

Los Pitufos Card Game. Have fun playing this Smurfs Card Game - it has all of your favorite Smurf characters. The Smurf Cards have such bright and vivid colors! Spanish Smurf Card Game.
>> Smurf Card Game

Smurf Swap Cards
Smurf Swap Cards

More Smurf Swap Cards
More Smurf Swap Cards
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Smurf Swap games.

Smurf Swap Cards. Bright and colorful Smurf Swap Cards! There are 16 different designs to collect... including Smurfette and a gang of playful Smurfs! This collection of Smurf Swap Cards is from Australia in the 1980s.

List of Smurf Swap Cards:

1) Smurf blows bubbles out of saxophone
2) Jokey Smurf balances on a ball while being watched by Azrael
3) Smurf rings a triangle that wakes a sleeping Azrael
4) Smurf walks by a mushroom with a picker and basket in hand
5) Smurf crashes cymbals standing atop a mushroom
6) Smurf sits on a chair by a mushroom
7) Smurf balances on a chair while swinging a big mallet
8) Smurf carries a sickel as he walks by a flower
9) Smurf plays the harp with a butterfly
10) Smurf floats his ball by blowing his tuba
11) Smurfette sits on a chair by a big flower
12) Lazy Smurf sleeps by a mushroom with a snail on top of it
13) Smurf kicks a colorful ball
14) Smurf holds a polka-dot ball standing atop a mushroom
15) Smurf plays a bambo side flute in front of a flower
16) Smurf leans on leaves by the bell flowers and butterfly
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