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Smurf Ahoy Game, The Baby Smurf Game
>> Smurf Board Games
Smurf Ahoy Game

Smurfs Board Game.

Smurf Ahoy Game. "If you tip the ship, you take a dip!" Take a spin and then place a Smurf on the matching color of the ship... watch out you don't tip the ship or you lose! What an exciting game to play - the whole family will have smurfy fun! The complete game includes: Smurf Ship, 1 Spinner, 24 Smurf Pawns and Bases. From 1982. Made by Milton Bradley.

>> Smurf Board Games
Smurf Board Games

Smurfs Board Game.

Smurf Ahoy Game. "Spin the spinner... Place a Smurf on the ship, but watch out! Oh, no! The ship tipped over... You're out of the game!" This Smurf Ahoy Game is nail-biting fun for everyone! From 1982. Made by Milton Bradley.

>> Smurf Board Games
The Baby Smurf Game

Smurfs Board Game.

The Baby Smurf Game. "Big fun with the littlest Smurf of them all!" Baby-sit Baby Smurf and have the most discs on the board at the end of the game. No reading necessary to play! The complete game includes: Smurf Gameboard, 6 Smurf Character Player Pieces, 1 Spinner and 40 Plastic Discs. Bilingual version with English and French. "The Baby Smurf Game" - "Bebe Schtroumpfs". For 2-4 players. From 1982. Made by Milton Bradley.

Baby Smurf, the tiniest of all your little blue pals, is in need of a baby-sitter. Papa Smurf, Smurfette, and the other Smurfs all want to spend time with the bouncing blue baby... but only one of them can be the Official Smurf Baby-Sitter (O.S.B.). You can help one of the Smurfs be the O.S.B. by spinning the spinner and placing discs on landed-on spaces on the gameboard. When all 12 spaces on the board are covered by discs, the game is over. If you have the most discs on the board at the end of the game, you'll be the winner!

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