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Smurf Spin-A-Round Game, The Smurf River Ride Game
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Smurf Spin-A-Round Game

Smurfs Board Game.

Smurf Spin-A-Round Game. "Does the dizzy dealer have a card for you?" Try to beat Gargamel and your opponents at this exciting Smurf game! Simply match the Smurf character cards to your Smurf playing boards - but it's not that easy getting the cards! Have fun spinning the Smurf Card Dealer to try and get your smurfy character cards. The complete game includes: Smurf Card Dealer, Smurf Game Board, 8 Smurf Playing Boards, 48 Smurf Cards and Label Sheet. For 2-4 players. From 1983. Made by Milton Bradley.

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The Smurf River Ride Game

Smurfs Board Game.

The Smurf River Ride Game. "Join the Smurfs on a run-and-hide river ride". After a picnic in the woods, the Smurfs are on their way home. In order to get back to the village, they travel along a stone path and take shortcuts by riding a log up the river. But watch out! The sneaky Gargamel travels up and down the river in search of Smurfs! The complete game includes: Smurf Gameboard, 5 Smurf Character Players (including Gargamel), 1 Spinner, 8 Log Tokens and Die. For 2-4 players. From 1988. Made by Milton Bradley.

>> Smurf Board Games
The Smurf Picture Match Game

Smurfs Board Game.

The Smurf Picture Match Game. "Happy-time picture matching". What a fun game for family game night! This Smurf game is simple but lots of fun for the whole family. Give it a spin and try to match all of the bright and colorful Smurf cards. The cards feature all of your favorite Smurf characters in playful scenes! The complete game includes: Smurf Gameboard, 32 Colorful Smurf Cards, and Spinner. From 1983. Made by Milton Bradley.

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