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Giant Smurf Family Dolls, Plush McDonalds Smurf Dolls
>> Plush Smurf Dolls
Giant Smurf Family Dolls
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Plush Smurf Dolls.

Giant Smurf Family Dolls. Larger than life, this Smurf family is huge - the Smurf parents measure over 3 feet tall! The Big Plush Smurf and Big Plush Smurfette Dolls are shown with the "normal" size Baby Smurf doll that measures 12 inches. What a nice family portrait - including Smurf, Smurfette and Baby Smurf!
>> Plush Smurf Dolls
Plush McDonalds Smurf Dolls
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Plush Smurf Dolls.

Plush McDonalds Smurf Dolls. Complete set of 12 McDonalds Happy Meals Toys - The Calendar Smurfs. This fast food restaurant promotion featured a different Smurf for every month of the year 2000. Each Smurf doll has a McDonalds "M" on the right foot. The McDonalds Smurf doll set is shown here in the store display hanger. Plush McDonalds Smurfs Happy Meal Set. From Europe.

McDonalds Happy Meal Smurf Dolls
January Skiing Smurf Smurf finger puppet with skiis
February Valentine Smurf Vibrating Smurf holds heart
March Grouchy Smurf Keyring Smurf wears raincoat
April Nat Smurfling Easter Smurf with 2-pc egg
May Sassette Smurfling Fridge Magnet Smurf holds flowers
June Jogger Smurf Walking Smurf finger puppet
July Rollerskate Smurfette Smurfette finger puppet with rollerskates
August Suitcase Smurf Smurf inside a suitcase
September Brainy Smurf Smurf with magnetic drawing board
October Halloween Smurf Vibrating Smurf carries pumpkin
November Papa Smurf Bungee Jumper Smurf
December Jokey Smurf Vibrating Christmas Smurf with present
>> Plush Smurf Dolls
Plush Smurf Dolls
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Plush Smurf Dolls.

Plush McDonalds Smurf Dolls. Complete set of 12 McDonalds Happy Meals Toys - The Calendar Smurfs. Each month in the year 2000 featured a different Smurf doll to collect. Each Smurf doll has a McDonalds "M" and # stamped on their feet. Plush McDonalds Smurfs Happy Meal Set. Fast Food Premimums from Europe.

The Smurf toy set includes: 1/2000 January Smurf - Skiing Smurf, 2/2000 February Smurf - Valentine Smurf with Heart, 3/2000 March Smurf - Grouchy Smurf with Raincoat, 4/2000 April Smurf - Easter Nat Smurfling with Egg, 5/2000 May Smurf - Sassette Smurfling with Flowers, 6/2000 June Smurf - Jogger Smurf, 7/2000 July Smurf - Rollerskater Smurfette, 8/2000 August Smurf - Suitcase Smurf, 9/2000 September Smurf - Brainy Smurf with Notebook, 10/2000 October Smurf - Scared Smurf with Halloween Pumpkin, 11/2000 November Smurf - Papa Smurf with Knapsack and 12/2000 December Smurf - Jokey Smurf with Gift.
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