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Smurf Darts, Velcro Dartboard Smurf Set
>> Classic Smurf Toys
Smurf Darts
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Smurf Darts.

Smurf Darts. Set your toe to the line and have a game of darts - with The Smurfs! This set comes with Smurf dart flights depicting a Smurf throwing a dart. The flights are tear shaped. Now all you need is the dartboard to have some fun!
>> Classic Smurf Toys
Velcro Dartboard Smurf Set
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Velcro Smurf Dartboard Set.

Velcro Dartboard Smurf Set. Ready for a game of Smurf darts? Well, it doesn't get more fun than with Smurf velcro ball darts! The dartboard features Papa Smurf, Lazy Smurf and Smurfette... and a big smiling Smurf! The game set comes with the bright fabric dartboard and three vecro balls. The Smurf dartboard measures 15 x 18 inches. Made by Synergistic Research (c) Peyo.
>> Classic Smurf Toys
Smurf Ball Darts
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Smurf Ball Darts.

Smurf Ball Darts. The Smurfs are ready for a game of darts! The Smurf Ball Darts game comes with a fabric dartboard and three vecro balls. Shown in the original package. The Smurf dartboard measures 15 x 18 inches. Made by Synergistic Research (c) Peyo.
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